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Prosecutor Duties re Faulty State Lab Results – Friday’s Freedom Fighting Tools

With huge implications for thousands of pending cases, and countless future cases, these Friday Freedom Fighting Tools are what every CBD user needs to know!
Michigan State Police Update on CBD / THC Testing Issues:
Prosecutor Notification of CBD / TCH Testing Issues:
Slide Presentation with Rules re Prosecutor Duties (Slideshow used during Episode 35):

Update from MSP on MJ Crime Lab Testing

This is the update from the Michigan State Police Forensic Science Division regarding positive test results for THC when only CBD is present.  You’ll want to read both pages of the PDF:

Judges gone wrong? S1E33

Judges “shall judge the people fairly.” They shall “not pervert justice or show partiality,” instead “following justice and justice alone.” Deuteronomy 16:18-20. But many judges in our country now turn away from justice, instead supporting the tyranny and evil. But, We The People must stand up & fight back. Want to do your part to hold judges accountable to the law? Then start by educating yourself on the basics of court procedures, like appeals.

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Live, Tuesday at Noon EST – Appeals: What you need to know!

Have your own court case that needs to be appealed, but just don’t have the resources? Have an attorney handling your appeal, but frustrated about their lack of explanation for the process? Interested in all the important court cases that have come out this year, but struggling to understand the background of each case? Join us tomorrow at noon EST on Youtube, Rumble & Facebook as we discuss LIVE “Appeals: what are the main types of appeals, when can you file them, and what courts do you file them in?” And make sure to bring your questions to the chat / comments as we discuss this important topic LIVE!

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