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T/F Tuesday Answer #50!

T/F Tuesday Answer: FALSE! We are all GUARANTEED equal protection of the law – it’s as simple as that. So, if your municipality is enforcing a law against you that they don’t enforce against others in your city, that violates your right to equal protection. The same is true for cities that refuse to enforce a law against others that would protect you or your rights. #ConstitutionMatters

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Local Government violating your right to Equal Protection? S1E50

Didn’t catch our RFW episode? We discussed: Equal Protection is guaranteed by every state constitution & the US Constitution yet local governments violate it regularly. What is an equal protection violation? How can you identify if your municipality is violating your right to equal protection? We’ll discuss ways you can fight back if they are, with examples from real life case documents.

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Ask at Least One LEO – Get Involved Challenge S1E28

Didn’t catch our Get Involved Challenge for “Allegan Election Day 11-3-20 “Trespass” Case FINALLY Dismissed!”? We talked about:

Ask at least 1 LEO this week these 3 questions:
•What conduct is presumptively protected by the First Amendment? (If he looks confused & is in MI, share MCL 750.543z with him, then ask again.)
•Are Resolutions the same as Ordinances, and can you enforce Resolutions upon the public? (For example, can you arrest someone for “violating” a Resolution?)
•Have you heard of the Constitutional Sheriffs & Peace Officers Association?

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Allegan Election Day 11-3-20 “Trespass” Case FINALLY Dismissed! S1E28

Didn’t catch our RFW episode? We discussed: what it took to get it dismissed; what resources are available for YOU in these case documents; what are the next steps for Katherine, the deputies, the prosecutors & judges involved.

• Resources from Allegan Case:
• Order of

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