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Have Constitutional Questions – Get Involved Challenge

Have Constitutional Questions? Get Answers! Join us for our live call-in show. Some times work better for you than others? Let us know at #GetInvolvedChallenge

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#GetInvolvedChallenge – Let us know what you think!

#GetInvolvedChallenge – Let us know what you think!  Our mission is to educate & empower citizens & government officials to support & defend the Constitution. As we constantly seek to improve the format in which we bring this Constitutional information to you, it’s important to us to know what works best for you. We stream on Facebook & Rumble, but they don’t have surveys, so please answer this quick question on our YouTube Community page!

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Do You Have Questions About Election Day Campaigning?

With 8/2/22 being Primary Election Day in MI, this week’s Restore Freedom Weekly episode is all about Election Day Campaign Reminders. Have an election day campaigning question for Constitutional Attorney Katherine Henry?  In this week’s episode (going live at 12PM EST Tuesday 8/2/22 on Facebook, Youtube, and other social media), Constitutional Attorney Katherine Henry will go over Election Day Campaigning reminders, then answer questions from voters, petition circulators, law enforcement and campaign volunteers about Election Day Campaigning and our Constitutionally protected rights.  Already have a question you’d like answered?  Submit it here, and we’ll do our best to include the answer in the live show.

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What is your preferred social media platform?

 Here at Restore Freedom with Katherine Henry, we work around the clock to fight for freedom.  In order to be most efficient with our time and efforts, we need to narrow down the platforms on which we share updates, calls to action, legal news and more.  Would you please fill out this 30 second survey to help us get a better understanding of the communication preferences of grassroots people just like you?

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Who would you like to see run for governor?


Who would you like to see run for governor? 


Take our survey and share it into your groups!  [survey no longer active]


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Who do you want to run for Governor in 2022?

Who do YOU want to see run for Michigan Governor in 2022?  Vote here: [this survey no longer active] and share so your friends and family can vote, too!
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