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Reproductive Freedom for All Wednesday Way to Get Involved Challenge

Week 39: what the Reproductive Freedom For All petition really says (AKA Prop 3 on MI’s November 2022 ballot). We challenge you to READ the official summary & the actual language of proposed new Section 28 of the MI Constitution: You can see here the other parts of the MI Constitution the authors claim will be affected:

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Tuesday True or False Answer on Proposal 3: Abortion “Rights”

T/F Tuesday Answer: TRUE!  Under Proposal 3 (Proposal to amend MI Constitution in Nov 2022), an 11 year old CHILD can get an abortion, sterilization, contraception & related “care” WITHOUT a parent’s knowledge or consent. #StopProp3  #ConstitutionMatters

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‘Reproductive Freedom’ Petition-What does it really say? Does it violate US Constitution? S1E39

Didn’t catch our RFW episode? We discussed: Reproductive Freedom for All petition to amend the MI Constitution. •What does it say? •What does it mean for women? •For children? Men? Families? •How does it fit in the rest of the MI Constitution? •If it’s adopted into the MI Constitution, would it be enforceable? •Does it conflict with the US Constitution? •Get the FACTS before voting in Nov

You can watch it at or listen at

The Truth About Proposal 3: Abortion “Rights” – True or False #39!

Want to answer this weeks’ Tuesday TRUE or FALSE Question? You can answer it at, with no email or social media login required! Make sure to check back to at 10PM EST for the Answer!

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3rd Annual Vaccine Injury Awareness Walk

The stories of vaccine injury are real and the victims should not have to suffer in silence. October 16th 1-5pm @ GR MI. Register @ Sponsor the event or register as a Vendor @  #Awareness

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Restoring Ottawa School Boards to Education Excellence – A message from Ottawa Impact

Families are a critical building block of healthy, vibrant communities.

We treasure children as a gift from God, and take seriously the role of parents to direct the care and upbringing of their children, protected by the Constitution and affirmed by Michigan School Code.

As exposed in the past week by journalist, Christopher Rufo, and gubernatorial candidate, Tudor Dixon, the Michigan Department of Education is actively promoting the indoctrination and sexualization of children without parental consent.

Here in Ottawa County, numerous school districts have joined in progressive activism, with local school boards allowing classroom and library books with graphic and violent sexual content for children and teens.

The lack of moral courage, appropriate boundaries and common sense among many who make decisions for our children has become clear.
Ottawa Impact Education PAC has vetted and endorsed 11 candidates running for school board in the following districts in Ottawa County.

​Allendale Public Schools

​Grand Haven Public Schools​

​Grandville Public Schools

​Holland Public Schools​

​Jenison Public Schools

Ottawa Impact Education PAC issued the following statement:

“Please join us in supporting and spreading the word about these quality candidates! They have stepped up to restore education excellence to our schools, signing the Contract with Ottawa for School Board. They need your financial support for campaign expenses such as signs and printed materials as they spread the word to voters about restoring our schools. Join us as we defend our piece of America!”
Please view the websites of these courageous new leaders and learn more about their focus on a return to education excellence.

You can view the Education PAC website here:​

Let’s protect our ability to raise our kids.

For Family,

Sylvia Rhodea
Co-Founder / Parental Rights Advocate
(616) 600-8777

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PIC Releases New Educational Documents Assessing Risks of Hepatitis B Compared to Risks of the Hepatitis B Vaccine

Press Release
Physicians for Informed Consent (PIC) Releases New Educational Documents Assessing Risks of Hepatitis B Compared to Risks of the Hepatitis B Vaccine

Documents show hepatitis B vaccine is not proven safer than hepatitis B for normal-risk children.

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., September 13, 2022 (Newswire) –

Physicians for Informed Consent (PIC) has released two new educational documents: Hepatitis B – Disease Information Statement (DIS) “Hepatitis B: What Parents Need to Know” and Hepatitis B – Vaccine Risk Statement (VRS) “Hepatitis B Vaccine: Is It Safer Than Hepatitis B?” Developed from data compiled by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the National Center for Health Statistics, the documents assist readers in assessing the risks of hepatitis B compared to the risks of the hepatitis B vaccine, so they can engage in making an informed vaccine decision.

“New parents need to know that if their infants are normal-risk, which 99% of newborns are, then the chance of them getting fatal hepatitis B is 0.00001% or one in seven million — a prevaccine statistic,” said PIC Founder and President Dr. Shira Miller. “They also need to know that all hepatitis B vaccines include the neurotoxin aluminum — which means there’s a 100% guarantee their infant will be exposed to aluminum if they get injected with a hepatitis B vaccine. And finally, they need to know that for newborns specifically, because of their low body weight, it appears that the amount of aluminum in hepatitis B vaccines exceeds the maximum safety levels established by the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, a division of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.”

Packed with relevant scientific information, the documents answer numerous important questions, including:

  • What is hepatitis B?
  • What are side effects of the hepatitis B vaccine?
  • Is the hepatitis B vaccine safer than hepatitis B?

The documents present key facts and figures that are essential for informed decision-making. For example:

  • An unvaccinated normal-risk child has a 1 in 7,000,000 (or 0.00001%) chance of contracting fatal hepatitis B annually.
  • About 50% of hepatitis B-vaccinated children lose their immunity by age 5, and the vaccine has not made a measurable impact on the prevalence of chronic hepatitis B infection.
  • Seizures may occur in about 1 in 1,300 children vaccinated with the hepatitis B vaccine.
  • The hepatitis B vaccine contains an amount of aluminum that’s 75 times greater than the maximum safe level of aluminum in the bloodstream per day for a 7.3-pound infant.
  • The Institute of Medicine (IOM) found that evidence is inadequate to rule out the possibility that hepatitis B vaccination leads to more than two dozen neurological and autoimmune disorders.

The Physicians for Informed Consent documents demonstrate that the hepatitis B vaccine is not proven to be safer than hepatitis B for normal-risk children. Parents and healthcare providers are encouraged to read these new documents to make an informed risk-benefit calculation.

To read the documents, visit

To make a contribution to Physicians for Informed Consent, visit:

About Physicians for Informed Consent

Physicians for Informed Consent is a 501(c)(3) educational nonprofit organization focused on science and statistics. PIC delivers data on infectious diseases and vaccines, and unites doctors, scientists, healthcare professionals, attorneys, and families who support voluntary vaccination. In addition, the PIC Coalition for Informed Consent consists of over 300 U.S. and international organizations. To learn more or to become a member, please visit

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Great info on the law that led to overturning Roe v Wade

Even if you’re not a big fan of podcasts, I promise you this episode from Legal Docket is worth taking the 30min.

A new Mississippi law protects unborn life after 15 weeks’ gestation. An abortion provider sued…

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Biblical Insight on Overreaching Government Hunting Regulations S1E38

When legislators unconstitutionally regulate hunting, we must remember God’s word. Genesis 9:3 “Everything that lives and moves about will be food for you.” Proverbs 12:27 “The lazy do not roast any game, but the diligent feed on the riches of the hunt.” So legislators may not prohibit skilled hungers like Esau & Nimrod from providing food for their families.

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2nd Amendment March at the Capitol 9/27/22

This week’s RFW episode: discussed the DNR infringements on our rights and our legislature codifying them.
Join the march on 9/27/22 from 10am-2pm at the Lansing Capitol.  A great time to get in touch with legislators to discuss gun rights issues.
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Freedom Fighting Tools: Republican State Reps Support Overreaching Hunting Regulations

Sign up for meeting notifications of any committee you want to follow –

Bill updates for your home state & Congress –

Track MI House Bill 6354 –

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Republican State Reps Support Overreaching Hunting Regulations – Constitution Segment Recap S1E38

Didn’t catch our Constitution Segment Recap for Constitution Segment Recap for “Conservative” state reps INCREASE hunting rules & violate the Constitution? You can watch it at or listen at Legal citations for this week’s legal/constitution segments:
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Republican State Reps Support Overreaching Hunting Regulations – Wed Way to Get Involved Challenge

Contact MI State Reps Hoitenga, Harris & Filler: FIX HB 6354 & MCL 324.40118! It shouldn’t be a crime OR A CIVIL INFRACTION to fail to report a deer harvest ON THE DNR APP w/i 72 hrs; Hunting regulations must NOT be so complex; Hunting “violations” must NOT be CRIMES w/ possible LIFETIME hunting bans; DNR reporting must be easily accessible & consistent (call vs App vs ??); DNR ORDERS must NOT be treated like LAWS!
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Legislators duties when proposing bills – True or False ANSWER #38!

T/F Tuesday Answer: TRUE! When proposing a bill to change a law, legislators MUST check the entire law & include changes necessary to ensure its constitutionality. #ConstitutionMatters

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“Conservative” state reps INCREASE hunting rules & violate the Constitution!

Didn’t catch our RFW episode? We discussed: “Conservative” legislators tout bill as eliminating penalties for DNR violations, yet it has criminal & civil penalties, allows MORE reporting rules, requires inconsistent & impractical reporting methods, & codifies DNR orders as LAWS! Explaining the bill, the current law, & legislator Constitutional DUTIES.
You can watch it on FB, Rumble or at:

Legislator duties when proposing bills – True or False #38!

Want to answer this weeks’ Tuesday TRUE or FALSE Question? You can answer it at, with no email or social media login required! Make sure to check back to at 10PM EST for the Answer!
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City Officials Significantly Deviate from Election Law Requirement

Under Michigan law, cities must hire an equal number of Republican & Democrat poll workers. But Kalamazoo hired 132 Democrat vs 60 Republican election inspectors; Flint hired 442 Democrats v 27 Republicans. RNC weighing all legal options:
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Biblical Insight on Unconstitutional Court Orders

Judges mustn’t issue oppressive decrees (Isaiah 10:1), but Orders that obey the law (Romans 2:13). The Constitution is the Supreme Law of the land. Being instructed to “seek justice, rebuke the oppressor” (Isaiah 1:17), always follow the Constitution, NOT unconstitutional orders.
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Recent Legal Updates

Check out these recent legal updates
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State Reps Hoitenga (R), Harris (R), and Filler (R) – REALLY??!!

3 Republican MI State Reps (Hoitenga, Harris & Filler) filed HB 6354 ( ) to make it a CIVIL INFRACTION to fail to report a deer harvest ON THE DNR SITE w/i 72 hrs!  But what’s worse is they are ok with the current law CRIMINALIZING “violations” of DNR orders!  

Update on Michigan Attorney General Race

Michigan AG Dana Nessel won’t debate challenger Matthew DePerno before election
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Don’t drive around un-accessorized! – Restore Freedom Goodie Wk 37

Get your 5 x 5 Restore Freedom window decal! You can buy this week’s RF Goodie at Didn’t catch Rachel’s video for the RF Goodie of the week? Watch it at


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