Constitutional Attorney Katherine Henry has been fighting for freedom, the oppressed & the Constitution for over 20+ years. In 2020, Katherine knew the time had come to devote her entire law practice to this cause. Since then, she’s turned down thousands of paid clients in order to fight for the freedom of ALL Americans. Yes, Restore Freedom with Katherine Henry runs ENTIRELY on DONATIONS – yet, the costs of being an attorney & doing this work still exist (Internet & phone costs, cloud storage, document editing software, postage, supplies, legal resources, credit card processing, business licenses, required bar dues & more). Help us in our mission to educate citizens & government officials about the Constitution, & to fiercely advocate for freedom! Run entirely on donations, we can’t do this work without YOU!

Katherine’s Election Day 2020 “trespass” case was finally dismissed on 7/7/22! In the 20+ months it took to get the unconstitutional charges dismissed, Katherine had to pay $5,550+ in court filing fees, transcript fees, & other costs. Receiving donations of $2,810, there’s still $2,740+ yet to cover. Help her cover these costs, so she can then move on to a civil lawsuit against the government officials responsible, as these officials MUST be stopped from doing this to anyone else! Watch the video of the illegal arrest of Constitutional Attorney Katherine Henry here! #AlleganCounty

Help Katherine and her family cover their expenses as she donates all of her energy and expertise to this never-ending fight for freedom. These donations help with things like Katherine’s law school loan payments, Emma’s homeschooling materials, groceries, electricity, etc.

Ormond Beach is seeking to remove our privacy fence, pavers, and 2 conexes from our homestead. These have all withstood the 2 devastating hurricanes our area sustained in 2022, and do not impair the property rights of any neighbors. Our pavers, backyard fence and 2 backyard conexes supply flood mitigation, wind mitigation, water conservation, and private property protection measures, which are all common sense and legally protected. Further, OB is cherry-picking which parts of the Land Development Code (LDC) to enforce, and which properties to enforce it upon. Indeed, I submitted 810 permit, paver/parking area, shipping container/structure, and fence LDC violations from within just a quarter mile radius of our property, a clear violation of Equal Protection! As of 2024, we’re still in the expensive Appeals process, and need all the financial help we can get!