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Is your elected official willing to be arrested to defend the Constitution?

I am!

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Follow Up Video

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When ignorance rules, tyranny will follow. Demand government officials both KNOW & FOLLOW the Constitution!

9/2/22 Update: The judge has illegally prohibited the public access to the hearings on this case over the last 2 years. As I move forward in my next steps, I filed an Ex Parte Motion asking the court to set aside its prior Gag Orders, so that I can finally share the video of the prior court hearings with the public! Instead of granting this Motion, the judge chose to mock me, my work to Restore Freedom, and my future litigation against Allegan County officials in this case, and he ordered that I cannot share the official videos of ANY of the hearings in my case. The motion documents I filed can be found here.

Case Dismissed! On July 7, 2022 at 10AM, after more than 20 MONTHS since my arrest, the district court finally held the hearing on my Motions to Dismiss, and granted the Motions to Dismiss both charges! Find the documents filed for these Motion Hearings here.

Want to help with the costs of my defense? You can do so here. Want to help fund my civil lawsuit against the officials responsible for this Constitutional Catastrophe? You can do so here. Together, we will fight this tyranny and finally Restore Freedom!