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Ask at Least One LEO – Get Involved Challenge S1E28

Didn’t catch our Get Involved Challenge for “Allegan Election Day 11-3-20 “Trespass” Case FINALLY Dismissed!”? We talked about:

Ask at least 1 LEO this week these 3 questions:
•What conduct is presumptively protected by the First Amendment? (If he looks confused & is in MI, share MCL 750.543z with him, then ask again.)
•Are Resolutions the same as Ordinances, and can you enforce Resolutions upon the public? (For example, can you arrest someone for “violating” a Resolution?)
•Have you heard of the Constitutional Sheriffs & Peace Officers Association?

You can watch it at

Allegan Election Day 11-3-20 “Trespass” Case FINALLY Dismissed! S1E28

Didn’t catch our RFW episode? We discussed: what it took to get it dismissed; what resources are available for YOU in these case documents; what are the next steps for Katherine, the deputies, the prosecutors & judges involved.

• Resources from Allegan Case:
• Order of

You can watch it at or listen at

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