Who We Are

Restore Freedom with Katherine Henry began as a joint effort between the Katherine Henry PC law firm and the Restore Freedom Initiative ballot question committee. Katherine Henry, Constitutional Attorney, founded the law firm in 2008, and the Restore Freedom Initiative in May of 2020.

Restore Freedom Initiative

The Restore Freedom Initiative was a proposal to amend the Michigan state constitution to: rein back in government power; prevent future abuses of power by the governor, legislature and courts (even in times of crisis, war or emergency); and restore Michigan to a government of the people, by the people, and for the people (as REQUIRED by our US Constitution). Katherine Henry is the founder of the Restore Freedom Initiative and the owner and lead attorney of Katherine Henry PC. This petition effort grew into an organization with thousands of volunteers and hundreds of thousands of active supporters. Our signature gathering efforts are completed, but our fight for freedom is not.

Katherine and her Legal Work

Prior to April 2020, Katherine Henry PC offered a variety of legal services and dispute resolution services. For years, Katherine was a general practice attorney handling matters in criminal law, basic estate planning, divorce, bankruptcy, constitutional law, business law, real estate, landlord/tenant and more. She has worked in the legal field for over 20 years, and is currently admitted to practice in the United States Supreme Court, Eastern District of Michigan Federal Court, Western District of Michigan Federal Court, State of Michigan, and the Saginaw Chippewa Tribal Court.

In addition to private practice legal work, Katherine has served as a:

  • Public Defender in 2 states, representing adults in criminal and child protection cases
  • Child Advocate & Legal Professional
    • Attorney representing kids in Juvenile Delinquencies and Abuse & Neglect cases
    • Lawyer Guardian ad Litem (LGAL) representing kids in Abuse & Neglect cases and Divorce & Custody Cases
    • Mediator in Special Education and Child Protection cases
    • IEP Facilitator
    • Restorative Justice Facilitator in both school & juvenile court settings
  • Dispute Resolution Expert, mediating Civil Rights, General Civil, Adult Guardianship, Divorce & Custody, and Agriculture & Rural Development cases
  • Public Official, being elected as Georgetown Township Trustee, MIGOP State Committeewoman, 2nd Congressional District Committeewoman, and Precinct Delegate, and being appointed as Downtown Development Authority (DDA) Vice Chair and Planning Commission Member
  • Free Enterprise Advocate, as a small business owner, business organization volunteer board member, local business supporter and past active member of Midland Area Chamber of Commerce, Saginaw Area Chamber of Commerce, Bay Area Chamber of Commerce, Greenville Chamber of Commerce, Belding Chamber of Commerce, Ionia Chamber of Commerce, Greenville Business Network, Caledonia Chamber of Commerce, Lowell Area Chamber of Commerce, Hudsonville Area Chamber of Commerce, and Michigan Chamber of Commerce
  • Mentor for young moms, youth in transition, and children in the foster care system
  • Community Caregiver, providing thousands daily necessity care packages, holiday gifts and fully stocked school backpacks for women & children in Domestic Abuse Shelters, Pregnancy Resource Centers, developmentally disabled volunteer organizations, and impoverished school districts
  • Homeschooling Parent
  • Staunch Advocate for Truth, Justice, God’s Word and the US Constitution

Katherine values community involvement, both personally and professionally. Thus, as an attorney, she is (or has been) a member of: US Supreme Court Bar, US Federal District Court Bar, State Bar of Michigan, Saginaw Chippewa Tribal Court Bar, Montcalm/Ionia Bar Association, Midland Bar Association, Minnesota State Bar Association, Federal Bar Association, West Michigan Debtor’s Bar Association, Ottawa County Bar Association, Religious Liberty Law Section of SBM, Alternative Dispute Resolution Section of SBM, Children’s Law Section of SBM. She has also been (or is currently) a member of various other community and grassroots organizations like the National Association of Professional Women, Physicians for Informed Consent, MI for Vaccine Choice, MI Open Carry, NRA, Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association, and the MI Coalition for Responsible Gun Owners.

Katherine earned Bachelor’s degrees in Political Science and Philosophy, also studying statistical analysis & public administration. During her undergraduate education, she successfully completed the Honors Program, and became a Member of Highest Distinction in the National Forensics Honorary Pi Kappa Delta. She went on to earn her law degree and has continued to study the law, completing thousands of hours of continuing legal education.

But above all else, Katherine is a Christian, mom of 4, wife and proud American!


Mike Henry is Katherine’s husband. He describes himself as a Christian, husband, dad, and Machinist. He works full time as a machinist, working on various machines like CNC and Wire-Burning. He’s a small town kind of guy, with an independent, keep-to-himself personality. He values truth, facts and the constitution over agenda, politics and party. Mike knows that the war is lost if the local battles are ignored. As for college, he says “no thanks, I’ve got work to do.” But, he is always learning and making himself more competent in advanced machining techniques and the tool building trades. And, of course, he’s always learning more about freedom and the constitution from his wonderful wife Katherine.

Why so little about Mike included here? We’re just lucky he gave us this much to include on the website!

When he’s not at work or remodeling their house, Mike is contributing daily to our fight for freedom. Mike works on the website and tech side of things, proofreads the many documents Katherine drafts (legal briefs, constitutional information sheets, etc.), helps with the design and marketing of Restore Freedom, helps with the live videos, helps Katherine mail out the Restore Freedom goodie orders, fixes all internet and printing issues, shares Restore Freedom business cards and info with everyone he meets, and assists Katherine, Bruce and Lori with countless other tasks in this ongoing fight for freedom.


Lori DeVries is the volunteer Administrative Assistant for Restore Freedom with Katherine Henry, PC. In this capacity she answers the phone, posts on social media, helps with video streams, assists in managing Katherine’s events and whatever else is needed.

Lori joined this fight for freedom on behalf of God’s children, especially the little ones that aren’t able to stand for themselves. “I’m doing it for the children; THEY are the future!” As a single mom, she spent a majority of her adult life trying to make ends meet and raise her son with good morals and values. Her experience in raising her son alone and her other struggles in life has prepared her for a time such as this. Historically, Lori’s work experience consists of customer service, medical insurance billing, medical and legal transcription, banking call center and the food service industry. Experience with chaos, manipulation and drama in the workplace, and in life, has helped Lori learn ways to handle the gas-lighting and pressures from man. And as her son grew up and left home, Lori felt God calling her closer to Him. So, now, as she navigates this fight for freedom, she strives to reflect Him in her actions and words.

Her favorite Bible verse is Psalm 119:105 KJV “Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.”


Since the inception of Restore Freedom, our amazing team of volunteer freedom fighters has been comprised of Michiganders young and old, out of work employees and busy business owners, men and women, and people of every political persuasion – all desiring to do their part in restoring our God-given liberties protected by our Constitution. We couldn’t have done any of this without each of them, but especially Bruce Reed (Katherine’s Dad), Brian Bode, Paul Parnofiello, Joe Moss, Rachel Atwood, Laci Alexander, Amy & Scott Ardner, Ashly Hancock, Frank Plodzik, Anna Silverthorn, Mary Rackovich, Rachel Weaver, Joie Vawter, Rick Davies, Colette Hatinger and Tammy Vrosh. In addition to the countless hours of work these individuals put in, their participation in daily zoom meetings, in person meetings, prayers, and their generous hospitality was also vital to what we’ve been able to accomplish so far.