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Appellate Jurisdiction #GetInvolvedChallenge

Tuesday’s True or False touched on an important misconception Americans have about appeals. Given it is such a common misconception, this week’s #GetInvolvedChallenge is to identify the portions of your state’s Constitution and court rules that explain the appellate jurisdiction of the courts in your state.

Right to Appeal? True or False Answer!

T/F Tuesday Answer: FALSE! In the US, if a judge doesn’t follow the law, that does not guarantee you the right to appeal to the next highest court. In fact, in most jurisdictions, you are only guaranteed one appeal (from District Court to Circuit Court, or Circuit Court to the Court of Appeals, etc.). If you want to appeal further, you generally have to ask the next highest court’s permission to even consider your case.

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Appeals – Constitution Segment Recap S1E33

Didn’t catch our Constitution Segment Recap for “Appeals: What You Need to Know!”? You can watch it at or listen at Legal citations for this week’s constitution segment:

Search, Find, Read – Get Involved Challenge S1E33

Didn’t catch our Get Involved Challenge for “Appeals: What You Need to Know!”? We talked about: For this week’s Way to Get Involved Challenge we want you to search for the words “appeal” and “appellate” in your state’s Constitution and read the full paragraph/section/article the word is in. Feel free to comment with your state initials and how many times you find them.

You can watch it at

Appeals: What You Need to Know! S1E33

Didn’t catch our RFW episode? We discussed: Appeals: what are the main types of appeals, when can you file them, and what courts do you file them in?

You can watch it at or listen at

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