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2 more “gun control” bills; HB 4211 & HB 4243 added today

See 2a Edu’s video regarding these bills here: Make sure you subscribe to his channel to keep up to date on all of these bills.

HB 4211 can be seen here:

HB 4243 can be seen here:

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Michigan – “Gun Control” bill list and 2a Edu video list

Our legislators are busy infringing on our right to keep and bear arms. Don’t sit back and watch it happen! Remind our representatives of their oaths! See a list of the bills in the house and senate, videos from 2a Edu and links to find your reps here

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Support the IRON PIG & Stand for Freedom!

The freedom fight continues for the Iron Pig restaurant, with the case now in the Michigan Supreme Court! They stayed open despite unconstitutional Executive Orders trying to force them to close in 2020. Show your support by sharing this image on social media & tagging the #MSC Michigan Supreme Court! Let them know we’re still watching!

Addressing the legislature – Freedom Fighting Tools S2E1

We’ve encouraged you to pick 3 topics to focus on this year. This week’s freedom fighting tools include bill language and advocacy points for medical freedom, right to life, constitutional carry issues, and governmental accountability:

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Local Government violating your right to Equal Protection? S1E50

Didn’t catch our RFW episode? We discussed: Equal Protection is guaranteed by every state constitution & the US Constitution yet local governments violate it regularly. What is an equal protection violation? How can you identify if your municipality is violating your right to equal protection? We’ll discuss ways you can fight back if they are, with examples from real life case documents.

You can watch it at or listen at

Election & Ballot Proposal Results Are Final – Now What? Constitution Segment Recap S1E46

Didn’t catch our Constitution Segment Recap for “Most Election & Ballot Proposal Results Are Final Across The US – Now What?” You can watch it at or listen at

Live this Friday night at 9:30 pm!

Join Katherine and 2a Edu as they discuss the election, potential new gun laws in MI, what patriots in MI should do, and how to win the culture war.  Live on the 2a Edu YouTube channel this Friday, Nov 11, 2022 at 9:30 pm here:

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Eyes on the Elections – Get Involved Challenge S1E45

Did you ask your poll worker to see a printout of the precinct results or make a copy for you?  Be sure to submit them to

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Election Day S1E45

Didn’t catch our RFW episode? This short video explains that there will be no full episode this week, as we make ourselves available to answer election day questions, as well as preparing for the next hurricane to hit Volusia County Florida.  You can watch it at or listen at

Biblical Insight on ballot proposals S1E42

Understand what you’re voting for;  Proverbs 14:8 says, “The wisdom of the prudent is to understand his way.” Proverbs 14:15 says, “The simple believe anything, but the prudent give thought to their steps.” Proverbs 13:16 adds, “A wise man thinks ahead; a fool doesn’t.”

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FL & MI 2022 Ballot Proposals Constitutional? – Constitution Segment Recap S1E42

Didn’t catch our Constitution Segment Recap for “FL Prop 1, 2 & 3; MI Prop 1 & 2: Good, Bad, Constitutional?” You can watch it at or listen at Legal citations for this week’s legal/constitution segments:

Tuesday True or False Answer on Remaining 2022 Constitution Ballot Proposals 

FALSE!  The Official Summary of ballot proposals is still just that – a SUMMARY. If we expect our legislators to read bills before voting on them, we must also read the full text of the proposals before voting on them!  #ConstitutionMatters

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FL Prop 1, 2 & 3; MI Prop 1 & 2: Good, Bad, Constitutional? S1E42

Didn’t catch our RFW episode? We discussed: The constitutionality of remaining MI & FL proposals: Special property tax exemptions for certain public service workers, property tax exemptions for flood mitigation, abolishment of Constitution Revision Commission; term limits & financial reporting requirements; ID-less voting, state-funded voting conveniences, private election funding.

You can watch it at or listen at

State Supreme Court Justices – Who (& What) is on your ballot this Election! S1E41

Didn’t catch our RFW episode? We discussed: 25% of State Supreme Court Justices in the US are up for election this year! Do those judicial candidates follow the Constitution and defend your liberties? If there is only one candidate listed for a position, does that mean they’re going to win regardless of how you vote? The surprising truth about State Supreme Court elections.

You can watch it at or listen at

‘Reproductive Freedom’ November Ballot Proposal – Constitution Segment Recap S1E40

Didn’t catch our Constitution Segment Recap for A LIVE Q&A on the ‘Reproductive Freedom’ November Ballot Proposal – S1E40? You can watch it at or listen at Legal citations for this week’s legal/constitution segments:

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‘Reproductive Freedom’ Petition-What does it really say? Does it violate US Constitution? S1E39

Didn’t catch our RFW episode? We discussed: Reproductive Freedom for All petition to amend the MI Constitution. •What does it say? •What does it mean for women? •For children? Men? Families? •How does it fit in the rest of the MI Constitution? •If it’s adopted into the MI Constitution, would it be enforceable? •Does it conflict with the US Constitution? •Get the FACTS before voting in Nov

You can watch it at or listen at

“Conservative” state reps INCREASE hunting rules & violate the Constitution! S1E38

Didn’t catch our RFW episode? We discussed: “Conservative” legislators tout bill as eliminating penalties for DNR violations, yet it has criminal & civil penalties, allows MORE reporting rules, requires inconsistent & impractical reporting methods, & codifies DNR orders as LAWS! Explaining the bill, the current law, & legislator Constitutional DUTIES.

You can watch it at or listen at

Biblical Insight on Unconstitutional Court Orders

Judges mustn’t issue oppressive decrees (Isaiah 10:1), but Orders that obey the law (Romans 2:13). The Constitution is the Supreme Law of the land. Being instructed to “seek justice, rebuke the oppressor” (Isaiah 1:17), always follow the Constitution, NOT unconstitutional orders.
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State Reps Hoitenga (R), Harris (R), and Filler (R) – REALLY??!!

3 Republican MI State Reps (Hoitenga, Harris & Filler) filed HB 6354 ( ) to make it a CIVIL INFRACTION to fail to report a deer harvest ON THE DNR SITE w/i 72 hrs!  But what’s worse is they are ok with the current law CRIMINALIZING “violations” of DNR orders!  

Don’t drive around un-accessorized! – Restore Freedom Goodie S1E37

Get your 5 x 5 Restore Freedom window decal! You can buy this week’s RF Goodie at Didn’t catch Rachel’s video for the RF Goodie of the week? Watch it at

Freedom Fighting Tools for Unconstitutional Orders!

Remember, we are not bound by unconstitutional orders! Though not fully vetted, these will hopefully make the Constitution more accessible & understandable. Audio Constitution; Constitutions today; SCOTUS Opinions
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