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2 more “gun control” bills; HB 4211 & HB 4243 added today

See 2a Edu’s video regarding these bills here: Make sure you subscribe to his channel to keep up to date on all of these bills.

HB 4211 can be seen here:

HB 4243 can be seen here:

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Michigan – “Gun Control” bill list and 2a Edu video list

Our legislators are busy infringing on our right to keep and bear arms. Don’t sit back and watch it happen! Remind our representatives of their oaths! See a list of the bills in the house and senate, videos from 2a Edu and links to find your reps here

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PublicSq. to be Traded on the New York Stock Exchange

PublicSq. is slated to go public through a SPAC deal 🤝

PSQ Holdings operates PublicSq., an app and website which the company says “connects freedom-loving Americans to high-quality businesses that share their values.”

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2Aedu’s take on the current state of the 2A fight

Watch “Michigan Gun Control – The Plan To Defeat It” on YouTube

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Mother of Newborn Regrets Gender Transition in Her Youth

I don’t often take the time to read entire articles, especially when there is always just so much out there to take in. But this article was definitely worth the 15 or so minutes to read.

Mother of Newborn Regrets Gender Transition in Her Youth

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Election Questions Answered at Community Events

Ottawa County Clerk/Register, Justin Roebuck, and Elections Coordinator, Katie Sims, will be in Grand Haven at Loutit District Library on October 25 from 6-8PM to discuss elections in Ottawa County. Register here. The event will be streamed; search Ottawa County Clerk Register of Deeds on YouTube.

Justin and Katie will discuss topics like absentee ballots, logic and accuracy tests and post-election audits. They will then take questions from the audience. Questions can be submitted ahead of time to, at the event or online during the livestream.

Keep up to date and receive election information by email or text Ottawa Votes to GOV-311 (468-311) to receive text messages.

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Debunking the Common Law / King’s Law Myth

With rumors we switched from using “Common Law (God’s law) to Marine Admiralty Law (King’s law),” it’s important to share the TRUTH.  “Common Law” is NOT God’s law, but literally King’s law from England.  God’s law is in the Bible.  And, no, we’re not under Admiralty Law, either.
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“Common Law” is NOT God’s law!

Where’s the proof the US is a corporation? There is no such proof. Why are people calling Common Law “God’s law?” Common law is literally judge-made “law,” or case precedent erroneously referred to as “case law.” Why are people advocating for case law?? There is a separation of powers for a reason! Common law is in no way “God’s law,” and is, in fact, no “law” at all!
#ConstitutionMatters #RestoreFreedom

Update from MSP on MJ Crime Lab Testing

This is the update from the Michigan State Police Forensic Science Division regarding positive test results for THC when only CBD is present.  You’ll want to read both pages of the PDF:

The Efforts of the Ottawa Impact PAC Paid Off!

 From Ottawa Impact PAC –

Press Release: August 3, 2022

Ottawa County loves freedom!

Ottawa Impact was built by the efforts of moms and dads, grandparents, hard working Americans, and business owners, who simply desired to have individual freedoms, parental rights, and American values protected in our county.

Our current county commissioners refused to listen and act in defense of these issues— core values to our people and to the Republican Party platform. When elected officials refuse to listen to the people and protect constitutional freedoms, they must be replaced.

The people of Ottawa County have worked tirelessly towards this day. The people have spoken, and overwhelmingly voted to replace those who ignored their freedoms, their parental rights, and their values.


Ottawa Impact-Aligned County Commissioner Candidates – Republican Primary 2022

District Candidate Status
District 1 Gretchen Cosby Democrat opponent in November 2022
District 2 Lucy Ebel Democrat opponent in November 2022
District 3
District 4 Jacob Bonnema Seated January 2023
District 5 Joe Moss Seated January 2023
District 6 Kyle Terpstra Seated January 2023
District 7 Rebekah Curran Seated January 2023
District 8 Sylvia Rhodea Seated January 2023
District 9 Roger Belknap Seated January 2023
District 10 Jenni Shepherd-Kelley See below
District 11 Allison Miedema Seated January 2023

Jenni Shepherd-Kelley fought a valiant race in District 10 and worked to inform and activate her community in the Tri-Cities area. We have tremendous respect for her passion and conviction to defend her district. She lost by 618 votes in a heavy crossover area to progressive incumbent candidate Roger Bergman.

We are thankful for the support and efforts of thousands across Ottawa County. We welcome the voices of parents and courageous individuals as we work to restore freedom, parental rights, and American values in Ottawa County.

For Freedom & Family,

Joe Moss and Sylvia Rhodea
Ottawa Impact PAC

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