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US addresses Religious Discrimination in Covid Policies

US Office for Civil Rights issued guidance to hospitals & long-term care facilities to ensure that facility visitation policies, including during a public health emergency, do not unlawfully discriminate on the basis of religion.

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MI Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission seeks input

MI Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission seeks input next week from all Michigan residents, especially those impacted by reconfigured House districts #1, 7, 8, 10, 11, 12, and 14.

For more info, go to or call 517-335-3333

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17 Governors Call on Biden & Congress to Prevent Foreign Adversaries from Buying US Land

Isn’t this just common sense? Yet government officials (like MI Governor Whitmer) are actively pushing for China & other foreign countries to buy land in the US… 🤯

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US & All 50 State Constitutions!

We finally did it! We’ve been working for a long time on our Constitution page, and it’s different than we originally envisioned it, but it’s finally fully functioning! You can now go to to find the full text of the Declaration of Independence, US Constitution and all 50 State Constitutions! We will also continue working to make them more interactive, especially as we work toward releasing our new RF App!

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House Democrat Steps Down From Leadership Amid 2024 Rumors

Selfishness? Or putting common sense & discourse above party-line politics and groupthink? You decide. Post: Article:


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Null Brothers Acquitted!

Katherine stood with them from the beginning!

“Defense attorneys say the government funded the plot. The FBI paid more than $80,000 for confidential information. At least 12 FBI informants infiltrated the alleged kidnapping plot.”

See the full article here:

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Telegram, Instagram, Pinterest

So, where’s the #1 place to find our ongoing updates, educational videos, interviews, real legal documents, event calendar, and more?! We’ve been on Facebook, LinkedIN, Twitter & Google Business for many years, so we’ll continue posting there, too! Videos will be posted to Youtube, Rumble and TikTok.

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Judicial: Detroit judge suspended 6 years for misconduct

36th District Court (Detroit) judge suspended for 6 years for a pattern of misconduct on the bench that “besmirched the judiciary’s reputation and prejudiced the administration of justice.” Full article:

See the order by the Michigan Supreme Court here:

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Interactive Court Data Dashboard, Judicial Council Report Launched

In an effort to boost transparency, the Michigan Supreme Court has launched the Interactive Court Data DashboardInteractive Court Data Dashboard. The data provided in this user-friendly interface was formerly only available in a static format. For the first time, the dashboard allows the public to access a wide array of trial court data that can easily be reviewed by year, court, county, case type, and a range of other filters.

This pioneering dashboard is part of the Court’s mission to make the state judiciary more transparent to the public and seeks to fulfill the core value adopted by the Michigan Judicial Council (MJC) for the judiciary to “be responsible and answerable for our conduct and performance, and be transparent in the use of public resources.” In tandem with the dashboard, the Supreme Court also released its 2022 State of the Judiciary Report as part of the MJC 2022 Year in ReviewMJC 2022 Year in Review.

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