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Latest Motion & Appeal Brief Filed to Restore Freedom for homeowners!

‍Our Reply Brief has now been filed in our ordinance “violation” appeal!  Want an example of a terrible Brief? The City’s Answer Brief is at  Want to see how you rip a terrible brief to shreds?  Our Reply Brief is at In some states, like Florida, you have to ask the court for permission to have Oral Argument.  If you want to see a short 2-page example of such a request, check out our recent Motion for Oral Argument at!

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Ipse Dixit! – Freedom Fighting Tools S2E15

Empower yourself to fight attorney Ipse Dixit with these #FreedomFightingTools !
~ Ormond Beach Atty Ipse Dixit Example
~ Response to OB Ipse Dixit
~ Appeal fighting Allegan Ipse Dixit

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Florida Supreme Court Shuts Down Local Government 2A Regulations

Yesterday, the FL Supreme Court upheld a state law that stops local governments from implementing firearm regulations. We have a long way to go, but this is a step in the right direction!  Full Court Opinion:

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Freedom Fighting in Local Government – Get Involved Challenge

Local governments vastly impact our freedom, too! So, this week’s #GetInvolvedChallenge is to identify 1) your municipality’s chief executive (mayor? city manager?), 2) How they are elected (by city council or the voters?), and 3) their contact info. #RestoreFreefomLocally #CommunitiesMatter

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Fences to protect our land – Biblical Insight S1E36

Fences, like the one built by the property owner in Matthew 21:33, are a recognized way of protecting ones land, but they also help us heed the instruction in Proverbs 25:17, “Let your foot be seldom in your neighbor’s house, lest he have his fill of you and hate you.” So, don’t let your municipality get away with imposing unlawful or unconstitutional fence ordinances!

Ordinances – Week 36 Friday Freedom Fighting Tools

This week, we discussed Fence & Ground Cover Ordinances & HOA Rules. To check the constitutionality of your ordinances, you must first find them!  So, check out these #FreedomFightingTools:
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Checking Ordinances for Unconstitutionality – Way to Get Involved Challenge 36

We shared how an unconstitutional ordinance allowed a man to be kicked out of WI village Turtle Lake, and how the Village Board chose to not only repeal this ordinance, but also reevaluate ALL ordinances to check for constitutionality. We now challenge you to THANK the Turtle Lake village board, AND urge your own city or town board to do the same check!

True or False Tuesday Answer – Week 36!

T or F Tuesday Answer is FALSE! Local gov’ts may NOT enforce fence & ground covering ordinances (incl. permits w/ fees & inspections) UNLESS the ordinance is required to stop a homeowner from impairing the right of another homeowner to use his/her property. #ConstitutionMatters

Fence & Ground Covering Ordinances – True or False Tuesday!

Want to answer this weeks’ Tuesday TRUE or FALSE Question? You can answer it at, with no email or social media login required! Make sure to check back to at 10PM EST for the Answer!

The Efforts of the Ottawa Impact PAC Paid Off!

 From Ottawa Impact PAC –

Press Release: August 3, 2022

Ottawa County loves freedom!

Ottawa Impact was built by the efforts of moms and dads, grandparents, hard working Americans, and business owners, who simply desired to have individual freedoms, parental rights, and American values protected in our county.

Our current county commissioners refused to listen and act in defense of these issues— core values to our people and to the Republican Party platform. When elected officials refuse to listen to the people and protect constitutional freedoms, they must be replaced.

The people of Ottawa County have worked tirelessly towards this day. The people have spoken, and overwhelmingly voted to replace those who ignored their freedoms, their parental rights, and their values.


Ottawa Impact-Aligned County Commissioner Candidates – Republican Primary 2022

District Candidate Status
District 1 Gretchen Cosby Democrat opponent in November 2022
District 2 Lucy Ebel Democrat opponent in November 2022
District 3
District 4 Jacob Bonnema Seated January 2023
District 5 Joe Moss Seated January 2023
District 6 Kyle Terpstra Seated January 2023
District 7 Rebekah Curran Seated January 2023
District 8 Sylvia Rhodea Seated January 2023
District 9 Roger Belknap Seated January 2023
District 10 Jenni Shepherd-Kelley See below
District 11 Allison Miedema Seated January 2023

Jenni Shepherd-Kelley fought a valiant race in District 10 and worked to inform and activate her community in the Tri-Cities area. We have tremendous respect for her passion and conviction to defend her district. She lost by 618 votes in a heavy crossover area to progressive incumbent candidate Roger Bergman.

We are thankful for the support and efforts of thousands across Ottawa County. We welcome the voices of parents and courageous individuals as we work to restore freedom, parental rights, and American values in Ottawa County.

For Freedom & Family,

Joe Moss and Sylvia Rhodea
Ottawa Impact PAC

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It Takes Work – Biblical Insight S1E30

If a man will not work, he should not eat (Thessalonians 3:10) 

God reminds us that we need to be willing to work if we want to reap any rewards. (Such as in Thessalonians 3:10) So, as we talked about over the last two weeks, make sure you are doing the work to pay attention to what’s happening in your local and County levels of government. Stay informed, stay involved, and reap those just societal rewards.

Identify Your County Government – Week 30 Way to Get Involved Challenge!

Getting involved locally isn’t just about your city/township, it’s also being aware of your county government as well.  Click this link to get this week’s full ‘Way to Get Involved’ Challenge: 

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Video~ Interview: Katherine discussing her Allegan County ‘Trespass’ case with Alison Morrow 072022

Alison quit TV news and went out on her own. She recently interviewed Katherine about her Allegan County Election Day “Trespass” case. To find out more about Katherine’s case, check out

To find more about Alison, check out:
Locals @
Rumble @

Watch this video at

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Katherine Speaking at LGAF Event in Hastings, MI – June 8, 2022

Katherine Speaking at Local Government Accountability Forum Event in Hastings
“In order to retain your rights, you need to know your rights.” 

Ottawa County administrator finalist interview to be held in public

Ottawa County administrator finalist interview to be held in public

Following an extensive national search, a selection committee is recommending that the Ottawa County Board of Commissioners move forward with a familiar candidate, John Shay, for consideration as the next County Administrator. Shay is currently serving as the Interim County Administrator and has been in the role of Deputy County Administrator since 2018. As part of its regular meeting, the Board will be conducting a Public Interview Session on March 24 at 5PM with Shay. The interview will be held in the Board Room located at 12220 Fillmore Street in West Olive. The public is invited to submit potential interview questions via On March 24, residents can watch the interview unfold live online or in person.

There were 36 applicants for the post of County Administrator. Four of those applicants were interviewed for the position. The selection committee for the County Administrator included outgoing Board Chair, Roger Bergman, current Board Chair, Matthew Fenske, and current Vice Chair, Allen Dannenberg plus citizen representative from each of the four county quadrants. Those individuals were Monica Verplank, northwest; Michelle Fare, southeast; Jose Gomez, northeast; and Jennifer Owens, southwest.

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Ottawa Impact Update 11/12/21 – Lawsuit Update

From Joe Moss, Founder of 

We received a court date for the lawsuit against Ottawa County!

You can read the request for summary disposition by clicking here.

Take Personal Action!

Our message is reaching thousands of engaged, conservative citizens in Ottawa County. We need your help!

Ottawa Impact is 100% volunteer, and our team appreciates the opportunity to serve Ottawa County. It is truly a blessing – yet, it comes with many financial expenses.

If 50% of the people receiving this email take personal action right now by donating $25 or more, we will be able to fund our anticipated operational expenses for next year!

Donate Any Amount!

Why is Ottawa Impact Involved?

Everything we do is focused on restoring and protecting your personal freedoms.

Michigan citizens are guaranteed a Constitutional Republic form of representative government. An unelected, unaccountable Health Director and Legal Counsel must not be allowed to rule all the people.

The Board of Commissioners must not be allowed to abdicate their duty and authority.

Michigan parents have a protected interest in their children’s care, custody, and education, and a fundamental right to make related decisions.

This “liberty interest” of parents is perhaps the oldest of the fundamental liberty interests recognized by courts, and is specially protected by the Due Process Clause of the 14th Amendment.

We will continue fighting for these rights, because the government will not stop trying to usurp them.

What’s Next?

Please donate and invite your friends to become a member so they can stay up-to-date on local issues, unified action steps, and vetted candidates committed to freedom.

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Ottawa Impact Update – 11/03/21

From Joe Moss, Founder of

Elected officials, bureaucrats, and schools have forgotten their place.

Government is not the parent.

As reflected in Virginia yesterday, PARENTS WILL take back America for their children.

The policies and positions of the Ottawa County Board of Commissioners and the Health Department will not be tolerated or forgotten by Ottawa County parents.

During the last 20 months, the County Commissioners have drawn praise from the Democrat Party, which also supports harsh enforcement of public health orders, and Critical Race Theory, under the guise of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

Enough is enough.

At the primary election of August 2, 2022, PARENTS WILL bring change to the Republican-led Ottawa County Board of Commissioners, and in November, to local school boards.

In 271 Days,
Parents will unite for liberty and choose

New leaders will stand boldly for the people, as Governor-Elect Glenn Youngkin has promised to do in Virginia. Parents will not tolerate harmful, divisive teachings or the tyrannical treatment of their children. As author, speaker, and parental rights advocate Allie Beth Stuckey said last night:

Parents need a seat at the table to keep government in its rightful place.

I’m happy to announce that Ottawa Impact PAC has been vetting candidates for the Ottawa County Board of Commissioners. These new, vibrant, electable men and women are stepping forward to give a voice to parents and families! It is amazing to see the foundations God has laid and who He is moving into position.

Who are we vetting? Parents and citizens with courage and backbone, from a variety of backgrounds, including business, education, social work, parental rights advocacy, and more!

Follow Ottawa Impact PAC on Facebook

Stay tuned for announcements and updates!

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Redistricting update and more, from Ottawa Impact – 10/21/21

From Joe Moss, Founder of

The generous people of Ottawa County have helped the Legal Fund raise $52,195 to support the parents who filed a legal complaint against the Ottawa County Commissioners and Health Department. Thank you!! (This is 52% of our goal.) We will share more updates as they are available.

Please share this update with your family and friends, and let them know how the Ottawa County leadership views the mask mandate as harmless:

Harmless Mask Mandate?

Your friends and family can stay up-to-date on local issues by becoming a member of Ottawa Impact.

Government overreach must be challenged. Ottawa County needs new leaders, for new times, for liberty!

Redistricting Action Item

We have one final opportunity to make an impact on the state level with the “independent” redistricting commission. The redistricting commission is tasked with drawing new lines every 10 years.
This is an important issue because several of the maps divide Ottawa County into three federal congressional districts for no logical reason. This would negatively impact our representation in Washington D.C. by splitting up Ottawa County. The commission does not have anyone from West Michigan on it, so please let them hear your voices.

This Friday, the commission will be holding a public comment meeting in Grand Rapids at the DeVos Place (in the Steelcase Ballroom). The meetings are 1:00 PM to 3:30 PM, and 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM.

Four ways to make an impact:

1. Write a quick comment to support map 201. This map keeps Ottawa County together and does not try to lump communities like Hudsonville with Grand Rapids. Click here to make a positive comment on this map.

2. Write a quick comment thanking Redistricting Commissioner Lange for listening to us and keeping Ottawa County whole in her map. Click here to map a positive comment on Commissioner Lange’s Map.

3. Submit a longer written comment in the Michigan portal. Ottawa County should be kept together because of the economic, manufacturing, and agricultural ties that make our community a unique community of interest. Click here to submit a written comment.

4. For the maximum impact, speak in-person or via phone/Zoom tomorrow! From my understanding, those who attend in-person will be able to speak first, then individuals who join via phone/Zoom. Each speaker will have 90 seconds.

Location: DeVos Place in Grand Rapids
Where: Steelcase Ballroom
Times: 1:00 PM to 3:30 PM, and 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Sign Up: Online (this is required)

Thank you to those who have already stepped up to help make an impact with redistricting. Together we have mobilized hundreds of people to be involved! Our voice and our community matters. Let’s finish strong and tell the redistricting commission to keep Ottawa County together. This is what Unified Political Action is all about.

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Ottawa Impact Lawsuit Fundraising Update – 10/18/21

From Joe Moss, Founder of

The Legal Fund has raised $49,955 to support the lawsuit against the Ottawa County Commissioners and Health Department.

The leaders in Ottawa County are committed to keeping our kids masked. They are ignoring the facts that adults who wanted the shots have had time to get them, and the risk to children of hospitalization and/or death is essentially zero, as reported by the county itself. Even the CDC recognizes that:

“Most children with [the virus] have mild symptoms or they may have no symptoms at all.”

If you donate $45 right now, you will help us reach the halfway point of $50,000!

Please keep in mind how the Ottawa County leadership views the mask mandate:

Harmless Mask Mandate?


Government overreach must be challenged. 

Ottawa County needs new leaders for new times, who understand and prioritize the principles of liberty set forth by our Founding Fathers.

Donate Now

This lawsuit is an opportunity for everyone to take action together, which is what Unified Political Action is all about. 

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Ottawa Impact Lawsuit Update – 10/16/21

From Joe Moss, Founder of

Ottawa County responded to the lawsuit. You can see their response and other updates on the website.

It all boils down to this: 

  1. Ottawa County leadership is working hard to fight the lawsuit, to keep kids masked in school, prioritizing their interests above the health of our children and parental rights.
  2. Interestingly, Ottawa County issued a new public health order last Friday. It begins by saying:
    1. “The Administrative Health Officer makes the following factual determinations to reconcile the orders considering current facts and law”
  3. Presumably, they issued this “fix-it” order in response to the lawsuit. As you know, the lawsuit challenges that the county failed to make factual determinationsregarding “imminent harm” to support their mask order, and this was how they tried to fix their error.
  4. It is now apparent that Ottawa County has coined a new term, which you will see in their response: “harmless mask mandate.”
  5. 221 people have donated to support the lawsuit. The Ottawa Impact Legal Fund is funding the legal action, so please donate today! The five brave families suing the county need your support.

Concerning Questions

  • Does Ottawa County really think pants, shirts, and shoes are the same as a mask?
  • Did Ottawa County forget that families can choose to OPT OUT of the chicken pox and rubella vaccines, including for medical, philosophical, and religious reasons?

Ottawa County reported on September 29:

  • 2 child hospitalizations in the past 5 months
  • 0 child deaths in the past 19 months

Does this look like “imminent danger” to pre-K through sixth grade students? No!


We will keep you updated as things progress.

Ottawa County needs new leaders for new times.

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Ottawa Impact is inviting you to an event in Zeeland, MI 10/22-23/21

You are invited! Ottawa Impact is sponsoring an event two weeks from today.

Speakers are flying in from around the country to present an important message to Ottawa Impact members and our community.

Topics: Critical race theory, social justice, and the Gospel

Dates: October 22-23, 2021 (Friday evening & Saturday)

Location: Community Church, Zeeland, MI

Tickets are limited!

Please register ASAP to reserve your spot.

Register Now

Click the image to view more details.


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