Restore Freedom with Katherine Henry

Video~ Save Henry Home from Unlawful Destruction by City

The Henry Family needs your help to stop Ormond Beach from unlawfully destroying their home & property! For details on the laws OB is violating, reasons the Henrys cannot even lawfully apply for the “permits,” special exceptions being made for several government officials, and the clear violation of the Henrys’ right to Equal Protection of the law, see the PDF they filed with the city ( & watch the video of the special magistrate hearing at ( Donations for the Appeal & Lawsuit may be made at

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Video~ Way to Get Involved Challenges! Together, we can #RestoreFreedom

Info on the ways we give you each week to get involved in the fight to Restore our Freedom!

Watch this video at

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Dear Governor Interview Clip

After a longer interview by Garret Soldano & Kevin Skinner, I was then asked if I could be face-to-face with Governor Gretchen Whitmer, what would I say?  This short clip shows you exactly what I would have said to her on June 2, 2020!

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