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Video~ Throwback: 3 years ago today Katherine speaking at APC Rally 051820

📣 Throwback to May 18, 2020: Katherine’s powerful speech at the American Patriot Council Rally in Grand Rapids, MI, addressing government overreach in Michigan. 📜 She delves into the constitution, the law, and executive orders, scrutinizing Whitmer’s use of the 1945 & 1976 Acts to justify shutting down the state.

🤔 Questions to ponder:
– Can the government infringe on our rights during emergencies?
– Are the constitution and state statutes just opinions?
– Is the law on our side?
– What does Romans 13 teach us about the role of government and its implications for our country?

You can find the words for her speech here:

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Video~ Speech: Katherine speaking to FL legislators about HB534 020723

Katherine instructing legislators to read the actual language of the US and FL Constitutions and to uphold and defend their oath to them.

Link referenced in her speech:

Watch this video at

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Video~ Speech: Volusia County Legislative Delegation Meeting 010923


‍In our Republican Form of Government, it is our duty to instruct our representatives. Constitutional Attorney Katherine Henry took the time to instruct her state and local representatives at the Volusia County legislative delegation meeting at DeLand City Hall. To watch this 6 minute exchange, click the play button below!  You can access the supporting documentation, including proposed bill language, submitted to the representatives here.

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