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About Mike Henry

Mike Henry is Katherine’s husband. He describes himself as a Christian, husband, dad, and Machinist. He works full time as a machinist, working on various machines like CNC and Wire-Burning. He’s a small town kind of guy, with an independent, keep-to-himself personality. He values truth, facts and the constitution over agenda, politics and party. Mike knows that the war is lost if the local battles are ignored. As for college, he says “no thanks, I’ve got work to do.” But, he is always learning and making himself more competent in advanced machining techniques and the tool building trades. And, of course, he’s always learning more about freedom and the constitution from his wonderful wife Katherine. Why so little about Mike included here? We’re just lucky he gave us this much to include on the website! When he’s not at work or remodeling their house, Mike is contributing daily to our fight for freedom. Mike works on the website and tech side of things, proofreads the many documents Katherine drafts (legal briefs, constitutional information sheets, etc.), helps with the design and marketing of Restore Freedom, helps with the live videos, helps Katherine mail out the Restore Freedom goodie orders, fixes all internet and printing issues, shares Restore Freedom business cards and info with everyone he meets, and assists Katherine, Bruce and Lori with countless other tasks in this ongoing fight for freedom.

Enjoy a good Constitutional argument?

Do you enjoy hearing a good Constitutional argument?  You know, the kind you can remember snippets of & use in conversations later… If you haven’t heard Katherine’s argument in the MI Supreme Court against unconstitutional mandates, check this out:

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