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Judicial: Detroit judge suspended 6 years for misconduct

36th District Court (Detroit) judge suspended for 6 years for a pattern of misconduct on the bench that “besmirched the judiciary’s reputation and prejudiced the administration of justice.” Full article:

See the order by the Michigan Supreme Court here:

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Interactive Court Data Dashboard, Judicial Council Report Launched

In an effort to boost transparency, the Michigan Supreme Court has launched the Interactive Court Data DashboardInteractive Court Data Dashboard. The data provided in this user-friendly interface was formerly only available in a static format. For the first time, the dashboard allows the public to access a wide array of trial court data that can easily be reviewed by year, court, county, case type, and a range of other filters.

This pioneering dashboard is part of the Court’s mission to make the state judiciary more transparent to the public and seeks to fulfill the core value adopted by the Michigan Judicial Council (MJC) for the judiciary to “be responsible and answerable for our conduct and performance, and be transparent in the use of public resources.” In tandem with the dashboard, the Supreme Court also released its 2022 State of the Judiciary Report as part of the MJC 2022 Year in ReviewMJC 2022 Year in Review.

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Katherine Speaking at MIGOP D2 Day in Big Rapids MI June 3, 2023

The second district MI GOP is having a full day event for “faith, family, freedom” on Saturday. June 3, 2023 from 12-8pm!  The event will be at the Mecosta County Free Fair, 540 West Ave, Big Rapids, MI 49307.

View event details at

Purchase tickets at:

Katherine will be speaking around 2pm!

We hope to see you there!

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A Message from Ottawa Impact 042923

The Washington Examiner, which publishes political news and conservative analysis, published an article about the recent drive-by news article done by the Washington Post.

The Washington Examiner article by Mike Gonzalez, senior fellow at the Heritage Foundation, accurately describes the “strategy” of the political left, which is to fundamentally change American society and label anyone who thinks differently (especially conservative leaders) as obnoxious, polarizing, and extreme.

Mr. Gonzalez describes it this way: “The woke would prefer it, of course, if we all just lay low” and allow their “cultural bulldozer” to flatten conservative values. “All this is playing out in Ottawa.”

Read the Article

The story of everyday Americans taking back this county from tyrannical bureaucrats and woke politicians is spreading.

The principled actions of the most diverse Board of Commissioners in the history of Ottawa County is being shared across the country.

Be prepared!

The biased local news, and now national news, will continue to attack. The attacks will intensify as local leaders stand on the courage of their convictions.

This is what the progressive left fears: conservative leaders who actually do what they say they will do, and use the Constitution and traditional American values to guide their decisions.

Be encouraged!

Ottawa County is filled with Americans who will defend against the “cultural bulldozer” trying to flatten conservative values.

For Liberty,

Joe Moss
Joe Moss
Co-Founder / President
Sylvia Leigh
Sylvia Rhodea
Co-Founder / Executive Director

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Floor Votes on Life & Gender Issues Expected This Week

Breaking News: US Senate Majority Leader Schumer declares intent to move the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) for a floor vote to ratify before the end of the week.

If passed, the ERA would:

  • Create a constitutional right to abortion
  • Allow men in women’s’ sports, locker rooms and bathrooms
  • Threaten religious liberty and other rights

Learn the truth about this proposed legislation and the threat to good governance and real equality in this special video with SLG’s Katherine Bussard.

What you can do:

  • Get informed, and then inform others around you
  • PRAY: Pray for life, that God would shut the mouths of the lions and abortion would not become a constitutional right, that differences between men and women would be recognized by lawmakers so that no one is endangered or marginalized by removing appropriate sex-based separation, and that our freedom to follow Christ in keeping with the Word of God and the dictates of conscience would not be curtailed by an unjust law. As you share with others, invite them to pray with you.
  • Speak to your elected officials: Part of good governance and engaged Christian citizenship is respectfully sharing your thoughts with those elected to represent you. In this case, this legislation is currently in the US Senate. If you have thoughts you would like to share with your state senators, you can use the button below to call their office.
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FDLE Doesn’t Investigate Crimes?!?!

My Response to FDLE today:

Thank you for your response.  Would you please advise as to why FDLE won’t investigate crimes committed by public officials here in Florida, instead referring me to an attorney?  I AM an attorney, and I DO have a civil suit against them, but that has nothing to do with the criminal actions by the named public officials that need to be investigated and prosecuted by Florida law enforcement.  Are you saying that when someone commits a crime, as long as a civil suit is pending involving the same circumstances, they cannot be prosecuted or even investigated for the crime?  Or are you saying that FDLE does not investigate or prosecute public officials who commit crimes?  I am guaranteed equal PROTECTION of the law, and so far, it appears you are saying that you are denying me (as the victim of their crimes) that protection. Please advise.
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Welcome & thank you!

Thank you to the thousands who have recently joined our #RestoreFreedom efforts!  Many of you came as the result of the story of the Allegan County “trespass” Election Day case being shared by others on social media.  We worked hard to update the “Allegan County” page on our website, ensuring you have full access to the Motions, Briefs, Court Orders, etc from the case!  You can find all of the documents here:

We are are working for #MoreFreedomLessGovernment to #RestoreFreedom to our great country.  Please consider helping us financially at:

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Easter Break, newsletter and Restore Freedom Weekly

Whoops!  We missed the opportunity share on social media that we’re taking this week off!

In our newsletter we let you know we’re taking this week off.  To stay up-to-date with #RestoreFreedom signup for our newsletter here:

While we are going to spend some time with our families during this week, we also will be preparing several important legal documents in the fight for freedom. Please keep us in your prayers as we file emergency motions with the appellate court, and take other important steps in the Ormond Beach case.

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Lone Noble Federal Government Employee FIRED!

16 min must watch video! This freedom fighter not only spreads the word about our own fight for freedom, but shares about his most recent encounter with tyranny. Hear about the noble actions of a lone Federal government employee & what happened to him last week as a result!

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2 more “gun control” bills; HB 4211 & HB 4243 added today

See 2a Edu’s video regarding these bills here: Make sure you subscribe to his channel to keep up to date on all of these bills.

HB 4211 can be seen here:

HB 4243 can be seen here:

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Michigan – “Gun Control” bill list and 2a Edu video list

Our legislators are busy infringing on our right to keep and bear arms. Don’t sit back and watch it happen! Remind our representatives of their oaths! See a list of the bills in the house and senate, videos from 2a Edu and links to find your reps here

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PublicSq. to be Traded on the New York Stock Exchange

PublicSq. is slated to go public through a SPAC deal 🤝

PSQ Holdings operates PublicSq., an app and website which the company says “connects freedom-loving Americans to high-quality businesses that share their values.”

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