In an effort to boost transparency, the Michigan Supreme Court has launched the Interactive Court Data DashboardInteractive Court Data Dashboard. The data provided in this user-friendly interface was formerly only available in a static format. For the first time, the dashboard allows the public to access a wide array of trial court data that can easily be reviewed by year, court, county, case type, and a range of other filters.

This pioneering dashboard is part of the Court’s mission to make the state judiciary more transparent to the public and seeks to fulfill the core value adopted by the Michigan Judicial Council (MJC) for the judiciary to “be responsible and answerable for our conduct and performance, and be transparent in the use of public resources.” In tandem with the dashboard, the Supreme Court also released its 2022 State of the Judiciary Report as part of the MJC 2022 Year in ReviewMJC 2022 Year in Review.