The Washington Examiner, which publishes political news and conservative analysis, published an article about the recent drive-by news article done by the Washington Post.

The Washington Examiner article by Mike Gonzalez, senior fellow at the Heritage Foundation, accurately describes the “strategy” of the political left, which is to fundamentally change American society and label anyone who thinks differently (especially conservative leaders) as obnoxious, polarizing, and extreme.

Mr. Gonzalez describes it this way: “The woke would prefer it, of course, if we all just lay low” and allow their “cultural bulldozer” to flatten conservative values. “All this is playing out in Ottawa.”

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The story of everyday Americans taking back this county from tyrannical bureaucrats and woke politicians is spreading.

The principled actions of the most diverse Board of Commissioners in the history of Ottawa County is being shared across the country.

Be prepared!

The biased local news, and now national news, will continue to attack. The attacks will intensify as local leaders stand on the courage of their convictions.

This is what the progressive left fears: conservative leaders who actually do what they say they will do, and use the Constitution and traditional American values to guide their decisions.

Be encouraged!

Ottawa County is filled with Americans who will defend against the “cultural bulldozer” trying to flatten conservative values.

For Liberty,

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Joe Moss
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