Didn’t catch our Freedom Fighting Tools for “What is Due Process and what does it mean for me?” We talked about: Due process tools, from the Allegan case to state ‘Code of Criminal Procedure’. Use these tools to better understand how Due Process is supposed to be applied in our every day, individual liberties and rights.

• Allegan Case: Procedural Due Process Appeal Brief – tinyurl.com/5n6t5j29
• Allegan Case: Substantive Due Process Appeal Brief – tinyurl.com/2p8haxcp
• MI Code of Criminal Procedure – tinyurl.com/ypu6tumr
• FL Code of Criminal Procedure – tinyurl.com/mvn2bsnc
• TX Code of Criminal Procedure – tinyurl.com/2p8ucedj

You can watch it at youtu.be/-4JybJ1O81A