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‘Reproductive Freedom’ Petition-What does it really say? Does it violate US Constitution? S1E39

Didn’t catch our RFW episode? We discussed: Reproductive Freedom for All petition to amend the MI Constitution. •What does it say? •What does it mean for women? •For children? Men? Families? •How does it fit in the rest of the MI Constitution? •If it’s adopted into the MI Constitution, would it be enforceable? •Does it conflict with the US Constitution? •Get the FACTS before voting in Nov

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Republican State Reps Support Overreaching Hunting Regulations – Constitution Segment Recap S1E38

Didn’t catch our Constitution Segment Recap for Constitution Segment Recap for “Conservative” state reps INCREASE hunting rules & violate the Constitution? You can watch it at or listen at Legal citations for this week’s legal/constitution segments:
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“Conservative” state reps INCREASE hunting rules & violate the Constitution!

Didn’t catch our RFW episode? We discussed: “Conservative” legislators tout bill as eliminating penalties for DNR violations, yet it has criminal & civil penalties, allows MORE reporting rules, requires inconsistent & impractical reporting methods, & codifies DNR orders as LAWS! Explaining the bill, the current law, & legislator Constitutional DUTIES.
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Don’t drive around un-accessorized! – Restore Freedom Goodie Wk 37

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Req’d to follow Unconstitutional Court Orders? RFW Constitution Segment Recap

Didn’t catch our Constitution Segment Recap for “Required to follow Unconstitutional Court Orders?” Restore Freedom Weekly Episode 37? You can watch it on Facebook, Twitter, or at Legal citations for this week’s legal/constitution segments:

Required to follow Unconstitutional Court Orders? Restore Freedom Weekly Episode 37

Didn’t catch our RFW episode? We discussed: A judge has issued a blatantly unconstitutional order. Are you required to follow it? What are your options? Gag orders, unwanted medical procedures, denial of public information (FOIA) – real life examples and practical limitations.  You can watch it on FB, YT or at

Dear Governor Interview Clip

After a longer interview by Garret Soldano & Kevin Skinner, I was then asked if I could be face-to-face with Governor Gretchen Whitmer, what would I say?  This short clip shows you exactly what I would have said to her on June 2, 2020!

Did you watch today’s RFW episode 36? •Fence & Ground Cover Ordinances & HOA Rules•

Fence & Ground Cover Ordinances & HOA Rules – Constitutional? Ordinances & HOA Rules enforceable generally? Rules on type, style, size, setbacks; Mandatory Permits & Inspections; and more! Restore Freedom Weekly Episode 36. #RestoreFreedomWeekly #MoreFreedomLessGovernment



Accessorize – Restore Freedom Goodie Wk 34

As Rachel tells us in this video:, don’t drive around with a naked car! Accessorize it with this week’s Restore Freedom Goodie! You can order yours at:

Why Talk So Much About 2020 HB 6032?

Why are HB 5672, SB 858 & HB 6032 from 2020 important now? We MUST remember which legislators voted for those horrific bills! They can otherwise be a great guy/gal, a stellar statesman, a “constitutional” conservative, but VOTING RECORD MATTERS! Talk is cheap – especially on issues so important (microchipping of humans, shutting down businesses for C19 fears, forcing people by LAW to stay home with symptoms of C19, etc.)!  Videos on the bills: starting at 4:38, starting @ 1:24:15, re shutdown orders APPROVED by Republican legislators in SB 858, and on HB 5672.

Tomorrow Live @ Noon EST – A jampacked MI & FL urgent episode you don’t want to miss!

Tomorrow LIVE @ Noon EST: So, who really selects the Lt. Gov Nominee in Michigan? This weekend’s MIGOP selection of Lt Governor & tomorrow’s Florida Primary Election Day! Our dive into state law, convention bylaws & voting records! A timely episode you won’t want to miss!

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Katherine’s Interview With The DUI Guy+ Regarding her Allegan County “Trespass” Case

On August 11, 2022 The DUI Guy+ – otherwise known as Attorney Larry Foreman out of Louisville, KY, interviewed Katherine Henry regarding her Allegan County “Trespass” case and the outcome.

Note: Some of the language used in this video may be offensive to some viewers. Original stream can be viewed here: Subscribe to The DUI Guy+ here: Connect With the DUI Guy: Website: Wording from original stream: “Today I am going to interview Katherine Henry regarding her unlawful arrest on Election Day 2020 and the “Constitutional catastrophe” the case turned into. This is the link to her original arrest: Katherine authored a constitutional amendment petition (Restore Freedom Initiative) and had set volunteers up to collect signatures on election day at various polling locations. She gave volunteers the necessary laws and information for collecting signatures at a polling place on Election Day. At the Leighton Township precinct in Allegan County, Michigan, she had volunteers being threatened with arrest. The clerk claimed that a township resolution gave her that authority. Sheriff Deputy Langlois was on scene with the circulators and ended up speaking to Katherine on the phone but there was confusion. As the lead attorney for the campaign, she offered to drive down there (30+ mins from her home) to discuss the law with him and he agreed. Deputy Langlois wasn’t there when she got there, but arrived shortly after and wasn’t really interested in discussing the law with her. That’s where we see the video begin. She was handcuffed and thrown into the car, but released later, after having a conversation with Sheriff Baker (Sheriff for Allegan County) on one of the deputy’s cell phones and because of the many stream viewers that were calling in. She was given a civil infraction ticket charging her with Michigan’s trespass code – MCL 750.552 that the deputy Langlois changed to a criminal citation before turning in. The case was dismissed with prejudice only after it became more clear to the judge that Katherine was not physically parked on the parking lot, but in the grass.” #Allegan #Trespass #Case #AlleganCounty #Sheriff #Prosecutor #Judge #Court #Constitution #Government #1A #Property #ElectionDay #UnlawfulArrest #ProtectedRights #Dismissed #TheDUIGuy+ #DUIGuy [Posted by Lori DeVries]

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Gag Orders & Public Access to Court: What’s Constitutional? – Restore Freedom Weekly #32

Gag Orders, Public Access to Court Proceedings, Media Coverage – What the Constitution requires. Can a court prohibit access? What are your rights to access court hearings? Lessons from Allegan Trespass Case… Including the pending Motion Hearing!

Links discussed in this video are; Notice to Appear – Motion Hearing 09/01/22: Motion & Brief – Declaratory Relief Open Hearings: Ex Parte Mtn re Records Request, POS, Proposed Order:

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Campaigning on Election Day – Constitution Segment Recap Wk 31

This week’s Constitution Segment Recap for Election Day Campaigning has constitutional provisions, MI state laws (you can use these to find comparable laws in your state) and even some case precedent.  Know how to protect your rights when campaigning on Election Day!

Election Day Campaigning Reminders:

To watch the full episode, go here:

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Alison Morrow Interviewing Katherine Henry

Alison quit TV news and went out on her own.   She took the time to interview Katherine about her case.   To find out more about Katherine’s case, go to our website

To find more about Alison, check out these links:













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EPA, CDC & *all* Administrative Agencies Unconstitutional?!? – Restore Freedom Weekly #27

As we are on the road from Florida to Michigan today for the Allegan County Election Day 2020 “trespass” case, we had several internet connection and other issues that had us starting later than normal for RFW and gave us poor connection quality. When we finally got to a stable internet connection, the laptop started malfunctioning. 🤦This week, we were going to discuss the 6/30/22 SCOTUS decision from re Administrative Agencies, and a great article from the Epoch Times discussing the topic.  However, after several failed attempts to “go live” with today’s episode of
Restore Freedom Weekly, I am encouraging you to read the Court’s own summary of the full opinion (“Syllabus” on pgs 1-6) as well as the article, both of which I shared as PDFs in the description of this week’s video attempts.

Overall, this EPA case ruling was a step in the right direction, reining in some of that administrative power. However, the majority opinion, and even Justice Gorsuch’s “conservative” concurrence, completely missed the mark about constitutional law regarding administrative agencies: There’s NO need for dozens of pages of legal analysis – Administrative Agencies are 100% UNCONSTITUTIONAL! Even Gorsuch claims “we all agree that administrative agencies have important roles to play in a modern nation.”  Well, We The People do NOT agree! And the reasons are many: separation of powers, non-delegation, and the guarantee for a Republican Form of government, etc.

Bottom line: the Constitution does not expressly create any administrative agencies, does not allow one of the three branches of government to do so, nor does it provide any powers allowed to be exercised by such agencies.
#AdministrativeAgenciesAreUnconstitutional #ConstitutionMatters


CDC, NIH, DOL, DOE, DOT, HHS, DHS, FTC, SEC, EPA – are these Administrative Agencies constitutional? What the Constitution says about *ALL* administrative agencies, administrative rules, etc…. What the newest SCOTUS decision says about the EPA & Administrative Agencies…. A great article describing this issue and the SCOTUS case on point:



2a Edu presents: Pro 2A Michigan GOP Governor Frontrunner Ryan Kelley Arrested By FBI – With Guest Katherine Henry

2a Edu presents: Pro 2A Michigan GOP Governor Frontrunner Ryan Kelley Arrested By FBI – With Guest Katherine Henry

Watch from here, click the link now and set a reminder, or tune it at 9:30 pm tonight:

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Judge Correctly, Judge Fairly – Biblical Insight S1E20

John 7:24 – “Stop judging by mere appearances, but instead judge correctly.” (Substantive due process)

Proverbs 31:9 – “peak up and judge fairly; defend the rights of the poor and needy.” (Procedural due process)

Tomorrow Live on This Week’s Restore Freedom Weekly Episode 19

Does government work for the people? One Secretary of State candidate certainly thinks so! Interview with the Republican Secretary of State Nominee & an Overview of Current Michigan Citizens Petitions. This week 19 episode of Restore Freedom Weekly is one you won’t want to miss!

To watch this week’s episode, Tuesday, May 10, at 12:00 pm EST, go here: #RestoreFreedom #MoreFreedomLessGovernment #SecretaryofState #SoS #Government #Candidate #Petition #Michigan #KirstinaKaramo #Constitution #WeThePeople #KnowTheCandidates

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Restore Freedom on For the Republic – extended into Beyond the Horizon

On this episode of For the Republic: with Alan Myers, Katherine and Alan go over the first 10 Amendments.  They were able to cover the 9th, 10th and 1st Amendments.  (Be sure to tune in on May 15th, 8-10 pm EST, to see a follow-up episode, continuing the discussion.  It can be watched live at

Katherine explains how it’s important to focus on the 9th Amendment before looking at the 10th Amendment.  She also goes into detail about how the 1st Amendment isn’t just about free speech.

The hosts of the following show, Beyond the Horizon, were so intrigued by what Katherine had to share, that they also interviewed her for over another hour!  

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Restore Freedom Weekly 16 – Interview With a Candidate for Michigan AG


This week’s Restore Freedom Weekly is an interview with a Candidate for Michigan Attorney General. Even if you’re in another state, this will be a great episode to watch, including being able to hear the type of questions to ask a candidate. This interview was not pre-scripted.

This week’s featured Restore Freedom Goodie is available at

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