Governor Whitmer’s Abortion Case

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Per the Michigan Supreme Court website as of June 27, 2022 at 3:33pm:


This is an original action filed by the Governor, through an executive message under MCR 7.306(A), requesting that the Court authorize the Oakland Circuit Court in Case No. 22-193498-CZ to certify a question to determine the constitutionality of MCL 750.14 under the Michigan Constitution.

Some of the key documents in this case include:

  1. Governor’s Executive Message
  2. Brief in support of Executive Message
  3. Complaint filed in Oakland Circuit Court
  4. MSC Order directing supplemental briefs
  5. Governor’s Supplemental Brief
  6. Governor’s Motion to certify the question and set an expedited briefing schedule
  7. Governor Whitmer’s Notice of intervening development

To view the most recent court documents shared by the Michigan Supreme Court in this case, visit Scroll half way down the page, where you will find “Case(s) of Special Interest.” This is a sample of what documents they have posted for this case as of June 27, 2022: