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Update from MSP on MJ Crime Lab Testing

This is the update from the Michigan State Police Forensic Science Division regarding positive test results for THC when only CBD is present.  You’ll want to read both pages of the PDF:

Don’t miss the Ex Parte Motion Hearing tomorrow morning at 11AM!

This 11AM Hearing is on my Motion to overturn the gag orders & allow me to publicly share videos of the hearings in my Allegan case. The court has banned in person attendance, only allowing live streaming, which can be seen at  (judge deletes it as soon as the hearing is over). Motion & Proposed Order I filed: Video of incident leading to my arrest

Enjoy a good Constitutional argument?

Do you enjoy hearing a good Constitutional argument?  You know, the kind you can remember snippets of & use in conversations later… If you haven’t heard Katherine’s argument in the MI Supreme Court against unconstitutional mandates, check this out:

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Freedom Fighting Tools & Allegan Case Update – Week 21

As mentioned in our post regarding the Constitution Segment Recap, here is the PDF of all of the Motions & Briefs Katherine submitted Thursday, May 26th, to Allegan County 57th District Court:
We would like to STRONGLY encourage you to take a few minutes to read the 1st link – “Notice of Hearing, Motion for Immediate Consideration, Proof of Service”. It gives the highlights of all the things that have been happening and what we are asking the court to do now. For more information on this case, and for more resources to fight your own situation, please continue reading the other documents submitted. We are also asking for prayers that the judge finally does the right thing in this case and dismisses both charges WITH prejudice (meaning charges cannot be resubmitted).

Motion, Brief and Exhibits for the Defense of my Ridiculous Trespass Charge

Legal documents filed in my Election Day arrest case compelling the court to Dismiss the charges.

These documents not only have legal information related to my case, but are jampacked with legal information to help you learn your rights on government property, in situations with law enforcement, and in exercising your 1st Amendment Rights . . . and so much more!

Print it, read it, share it!    #RestoreFreedom #MoreFreedomLessGovernment #ConstitutionMatters #ArrestedThenElected #OathOfOffice

Click here for the documents:   Brief & Motion to Dismiss     Exhibits filed in Court



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“DON’T do as I say, not as I said before!” – Governor Whitmer, revised

Below, you’ll see the post “Do as I say, not as I said before” from 11/18/20 which was about Whitmer’s appeal on the recall petition.

In what can only be described as a normal amount of common sense, the governor has withdrawn that part of her appeal.

Notice of Withdrawal of Legal Argument – MCOA Case No. 354475 (12/27/2020)

Posted Nov. 18, 2020
The governor is trying to claim that the original recall petition against her is invalid because the board of state canvassers met by zoom instead of in person.
Plaintiff Appellant’s Motion for Immediate Consideration – Case No 353878 (11/17/2020)

She claims they were violating the OMA (Open Meetings Act), even though it was by HER OWN EXECUTIVE ORDER that they were meeting electronically versus in person.
Executive Order 2020-15

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