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Stop Prop 3 – Biblical Insight S1E39

‘Reproductive Freedom’ petition … Luke 1:41 says a child in a mother’s womb is a “baby,” with parenting beginning before birth.  Parents, not government, are called to instruct & decide what’s best for their children in Proverbs 1:8.  We must STOP PROP 3 – an abomination!

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Obeying the law – Biblical Insight S1E13

Didn’t catch our Biblical Insight for “April Fools’ and “Resolutions” as laws – Don’t let the government fool you!” Obeying the law – do “Resolutions” count? What the bible says about ordinances, resolutions, and being a fool. Bible passages mentioned in this segment: 1 Samuel 30:25, Ezekiel, 2 Chronicles, Numbers, Leviticus, Exodus, Proverbs 10:14, Proverbs 10:23, Proverbs 14:7

You can watch it at

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Amazing mask mandate fighting resource!

Check out and their pre-made open letter created for YOU to fight these illegal health department mask mandates! Compelling evidence with references to back it up. Read it, send it!  You can watch Rachel’s Rundown here:

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