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Friday Freedom Fighting Tools

Legislative Compromises for More Government Power? – Freedom Fighting Tools S2E4

Bills, like FL HB 543, are being introduced in state legislatures across the country. Just because some activists like certain bills doesn’t mean they do enough to pass constitutional muster. These #FreedomFightingTools will enable YOU to fight for no more compromises to increase government power!
~ FL Committee Info re HB 543
~ SCOTUS Case “Emergency does not create power…”
~ FL HB 543

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Constitutional legislative compromises? – Freedom Fighting Tools S2E3

Discussing the unconstitutionality of legislative compromises, we must understand the liberty interests involved. So, these #FreedomFightingTools are the US, MI & FL Declaration of Rights!




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Fighting Local Tyranny – Freedom Fighting Tools S2E1

This week’s #FridayFreedomFightingTools to help you fight local tyranny:

~ Newest FL Supreme Court opinion prohibiting local gov’t tyranny:

~ FL Constitution:

~ MI Constitution:

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Addressing the legislature – Freedom Fighting Tools S2E1

We’ve encouraged you to pick 3 topics to focus on this year. This week’s freedom fighting tools include bill language and advocacy points for medical freedom, right to life, constitutional carry issues, and governmental accountability:

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Equal Protection of the Law – Freedom Fighting Tools S1E50

Equal Protection of the Law – Freedom Fighting Tools for week 50

•  US Const. 14th Amendment:
•  Florida Const. Art 1 § 2:
•  Michigan Const. Art 1 § 2:

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More on Standing Up to local governments – Freedom Fighting Tools S1E49

Doing your part to stand up for freedom with your local government? Your state’s Open Meetings Act is a great tool!  So, this Friday’s #FreedomFightingTools are:
~ Access to Public Meetings in FL Constitution

~FL Law on Right to Speak at Public Meetings

~ MI Open Meetings Act

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Standing Up to Local Government – Freedom Fighting Tools S1E48!

~ Complaint against Belding MI
~ Motion for Declaratory Relief against Belding MI
~ Cease & Desist and Notice of Lawsuit against Ormond Beach FL

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Election results are in – now what? Freedom Fighting Tools

Election results are (mostly) final, but we MUST remain active to take back our government! Want to team up with friends, neighbors, etc to monitor local & state government action? Use this FREE shared calendar, with easy file sharing, and announcements & signups

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Final 2022 Ballot Review: Freedom Fighting Tools

In the final countdown to Election Day, we share these #FridayFreedomFightingTools :

~ US Ballot Lookup 

~ MI: View ballot by county, jurisdiction and precinct

~ FL Voter Precinct Lookup (also shows Ballot)

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Order Protecting Election Challengers & Poll Watchers – Freedom Fighting Tools S1E43

The 2022 General Election is almost here! Use these #FridayFreedomFightingTools to #StopTheSteal in 2022!

~Sheriff Mack: Beware Feds May Show Up On Election Day:
~ Court Order Summary: MI SOS Manual:
~ Court Order re MI SOS Manual 102022:
~ MI State Candidates & Proposals:
~ MI SOS Elections & Voting FAQs:

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Freedom Fighting Tools to #StopProp3

With many of you across the country wanting to know what you can do to #StopProp3 in MI, we provide you these #FridayFreedomFightingTools to share:

~5 min Video:



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State Supreme Court Elections – Freedom Fighting Tools

To help you do YOUR part in this fight for freedom, we share these Freedom Fighting Tools on State Supreme Court Elections:  *All States *MI 2022 Candidates *FL general Retention Election info

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Upcoming Constitutional Amendments on the Ballot

We discussed MI’s Prop 3, but many of you are from FL. Ensure you know the Constitutional Amendments, etc on your ballot, too! US Ballot Lookup:, FL Constitutional Amendment info:, 2022 FL Amendments on the ballot: Just select the same options indicated by the green arrows shown here.

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Reproductive “Freedom” Petition – Friday’s Freedom Fighting Tools

To fight the evil & deception of Reproductive Freedom For All petition, you’ll need the tools mentioned in Tuesday’s Episode:
Official summary & proposed Amendment language Parts of MI Constitution authors claim will be affected Interview Wk 26 abortion Constitution references

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Freedom Fighting Tools: Republican State Reps Support Overreaching Hunting Regulations

Sign up for meeting notifications of any committee you want to follow –

Bill updates for your home state & Congress –

Track MI House Bill 6354 –

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Freedom Fighting Tools for Unconstitutional Orders!

Remember, we are not bound by unconstitutional orders! Though not fully vetted, these will hopefully make the Constitution more accessible & understandable. Audio Constitution; Constitutions today; SCOTUS Opinions

Ordinances – Week 36 Friday Freedom Fighting Tools

This week, we discussed Fence & Ground Cover Ordinances & HOA Rules. To check the constitutionality of your ordinances, you must first find them!  So, check out these #FreedomFightingTools:
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Prosecutor Duties re Faulty State Lab Results – Friday’s Freedom Fighting Tools

With huge implications for thousands of pending cases, and countless future cases, these Friday Freedom Fighting Tools are what every CBD user needs to know!
Michigan State Police Update on CBD / THC Testing Issues:
Prosecutor Notification of CBD / TCH Testing Issues:
Slide Presentation with Rules re Prosecutor Duties (Slideshow used during Episode 35):

“Strong Constitutional Conservative”? – Friday’s Freedom Fighting Tools

What makes a “strong constitutional conservative“? 1st – check their voting record. Find an important bill & see how he/she voted on it. Going into State GOP Conventions, review important tools in MI: #1 is 2020 HB 6032, now law prohibiting employees from working with any C19 symptoms, etc); #2 shows who voted for HB 6032 (p13); #3 MIGOP Convention Rules

Educate Yourself on Appeals – Freedom Fighting Tools S1E33

Being aware of appeals and how they work, what your rights are, and what the Constitution says about appeals is important.  Gaining knowledge of appeals will help you either with your own case and/or with family and friends.  It’s much harder to go through an appeal while learning, so don’t wait until you’re in the situation to become better informed.  The following links are helpful Freedom Fighting Tools for you to gain that knowledge.

Bar Journal Article: MI Appellate Practice

MSC: Appeals & Opinions Benchbook

Slideshow from Episode 33: Appeals

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Links to Find the Court Streams – Wk 32 Freedom Fighting Tools

This week’s WTGIC we encouraged you to watch a hearing.  If you were unable to find one near you that was in person we encouraged you to watch a hearing online.  This week’s Freedom Fighting tools are options for watchings those hearings.

MI Supreme Court stream link:

Court of Claims YouTube link:

MiCourt Virtual Courtroom Directory:

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Recharge – Wk 31 Freedom Fighting Tools


We challenged you this week to relax, breathe and step away from politics. So, this week’s Freedom Fighting Tools are… the Bible, the beach, and your loved ones 🤩 Don’t underestimate the power each of these tools has in helping you recharge for the freedom fight ahead! #Recharge #TakeaBreak #Breath #Refresh #AvoidExhaustion #AvoidBurnOut #RestoreFreedomWeekly #Episode31 #Politics #RestoreFreedom #MoreFreedomLessGovernment #FreedomFightingTools #FFT #Freedom #Fighting #Tools

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Resources For Identifying County Gov’t Officials – FFFT Wk 30

On Wednesday we challenged you to identify your county gov’t.  For this week’s Freedom Fighting Tools we are giving you resources to help you with this quest.

FL’s Dept of State List of County Governments with Clickable Links –

MI County Map – Click on the County to Visit the County Government’s Website –

FL County Government Links (Permitting, Licensing, Tax, etc.) –

MI – Alphabetical listing of counties & their county seats –

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Friday’s Freedom Fighting Tools for Municipal Governments!

For this week’s Freedom Fighting Tools, I have something a little different for you.  First, here are your 3 tools:

MI Residents – – This link provides you with the full list of Cities, Townships, and Villages within each county.

FL & other residents – – This link defaults to MI as the state, but you can change it in the top dropdown option, so you can see all the municipalities in your own state.

MI’s Charter Township Act – 

But, I also have 2 organizations / websites to warn you about. These two organizations often have misinformation, especially as it relates to the duties of government bodies & government officials and the rights of citizens.  They often demonstrate a complete lack of knowledge or understanding about the US & MI Constitutions, so BE AWARE! – Bad Info – Bad Info

#MunicipalGovernment #BEWARE #BadInfo #Constitution #Powers #Responsibility #NeedtoKnow #GetInvolved #Trustee #Local #Government #LocalGovernment #RestoreFreedomWeekly #Episode29 #RestoreFreedom #MoreFreedomLessGovernment #FreedomFightingTools #Freedom #Fighting #Tools 

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Episode List if Allegan County Case Resources – Friday’s Freedom Fighting Tools

For today’s Friday Freedom Fighting Tools, we again invite you to check out the dozens of documents filed in the Allegan County Election Day “Trespass” Case.  There’s great examples of various types of Motions, Briefs, and proposed Orders, etc.  Plus, the first PDF listed below serves as a Content Menu to identify which main topics all of these court documents cover.  Whether you have a situation right now, or you will simply inevitably need to defend yourself later, these court documents offer all the basics and more to do so effectively!

Resources from Allegan Case:

Allegan Motions, Briefs, etc.:

#8: Legal Briefs, Cases & How to Use Them

#9: Your Right to be on Government property generally & “Trespassing” on privately owned property open to the general public

#10: What is a “law”? Statute, law, constitution, administrative rule, EO, regulation?

#13: April Fools’ and the Enforceability of Resolutions.  Are Resolutions the same as Laws?  At a local level, can the people be regulated by Resolutions?  Don’t let the government fool you!

#20: Substantive Due Process v Procedural Due Process

#21: Motions to Dismiss

#22: Jurisdiction – does the court have the authority to hear your case?

#24: Do you have a Right to run for office?  What the Constitution says about Ballot Access

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