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Quick Clarification on NY Supreme Court case reinstating workers fired under Jab Mandate

It is true that the NY Supreme Court reinstated NYC workers that were fired under the Covid Jab Mandate. However, before screaming in the streets about what a huge victory this is for medical freedom, you’ll want to keep 2 things in mind…

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Unvaxxed Teacher Wins Against Vax Mandates in Court!

An Australian teacher fired for refusing to take COVID-19 vaccine won in court on the basis that she suffered psychological injury due to her employer’s implementation of the government mandate! Two articles on point: and

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A case for TREASON!

A case for treason filed against Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Mike Pence & 385 other federal officers who took an oath to uphold the US Constitution, yet violated it by refusing to investigate the evidence presented to them on Jan 6th 2020! Response is due Nov 23!

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#3 of 3 – First Amendment SCOTUS cases to watch

#3 of 3: The US Supreme Court decided to take on several important cases, including 3 cases with huge First Amendment implications. Casey Mattox (Americans for Prosperity) describes the Novak v. City of Parma case @ &

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#2 of 3 – First Amendment SCOTUS cases to watch

#2 of 3: The US Supreme Court decided to take on several important cases, including 3 cases with huge First Amendment implications. Casey Mattox (Americans for Prosperity) describes the Gonzalez v. Google case @ &

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#1 of 3 – First Amendment SCOTUS cases to watch

The US Supreme Court decided to take on several important cases, including 3 cases with huge First Amendment implications. Casey Mattox (Americans for Prosperity) describes the 303 Creative v. Elenis case @ &

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It’s Election Day; now what?

Election Day is tomorrow, but do you know what happens after? This quick video explains who the Board of Canvassers are and what they do immediately following an Election!

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2000 Mules Creators Arrested!

Catherine Engelbrecht & Gregg Philips of True the Vote (creators of 2,000 Mules) were arrested 10/31/22 for not disclosing a confidential source leading to the discovery of info on 1.8 million US poll workers on servers in China! Catherine & Gregg are American heroes standing for truth in their investigation into 2020 elections & for what they have uncovered regarding Konnech. As of this writing (11/2) they are both still in jail with Gregg having been moved to an undisclosed location.

This arrest came out of a defamation lawsuit against Catherine and Gregg by Konnech. Konnech is an Okemos, MI based company which created PollChief election software used all over the US, including Detroit (contract recently terminated) & LA. On October 4, Michigan police arrested Eugene Yu, CEO of Konnech, on suspicion of stealing data of hundreds of Los Angeles County poll workers. He was arraigned in LA and awaits further hearings. Konnech has quickly become the center of legal actions regarding the theft of poll worker personal information and other election irregularities that are likely tied to Chinese Communist Party!

[This was from an email from Michigan Conservative Coalition @ Catherine Engelbrecht & Gregg Philips of True the Vote, creators of “2,000 Mules” clearly showing ballot trafficking at drop boxes in the 2020 presidential election.]
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DOL New Rule Significantly Limits Independent Contractors

On 10/11/22, the DOL proposed new Complicated & Restrictive requirements for determining employee vs independent contractor status under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). New Rule = Bad News for Small Businesses! Read more at

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More info on this year’s Religious Liberty SCOTUS case!

In June, we discussed the SCOTUS football coach prayer case, clarifying public employees have 1st Amendment religious liberties. Legal Docket podcast episode “Level Praying Field” gives more info on this important case!

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MI HB 6454: Transgender Surgery on Minors is Child Abuse

Per Breitbart: Republican lawmakers in Michigan recently introduced a bill that would classify allowing a minor to undergo gender transition procedures as first-degree child abuse.

House Bill 6454 states that a person could be found guilty of first-degree child abuse if they “knowingly or intentionally consents to, obtains, or assists with a gender transition procedure for a child.” The legislation defines a “person” as a parent, guardian, physician, or any other licensed medical professional.

If that person is found guilty of first-degree child abuse, they could face a life sentence.

The legislation was brought forward Tuesday by five Republican state representatives, including Beau LaFave, Ryan Berman, Steve Carra, Luke Meerman, and Steve Marino.

According to the Hill, LaFave believes it is “logically incoherent” to provide puberty blockers or conduct gender transition surgeries for children when they cannot even consent to sex or are legally prohibited from purchasing certain items.

“People are abusing these children. The idea that we would be making potentially life-altering changes to 11-, 12-, 13-, 14-, 15-year-old kids when it is illegal for them to have sex is insane,” he said. “I mean, they’re not responsible enough to smoke a cigarette until they’re 21.”

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Ottawa County Defender Office Holding Expungement Clinic

The Ottawa County Public Defender Office is hosting an expungement clinic for those wishing to have a criminal conviction set aside. At the clinic residents can:

  • Obtain conviction records
  • Be fingerprinted
  • Complete the paperwork
  • Schedule a court date

Those interested should complete the registration form at to make an appointment.

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MI Election Software CEO Arrested Over Data Theft, Storing Data on Servers in China

The head of Konnech Corporation, a Michigan-based software company, was arrested on Oct. 4 for allegedly stealing and storing personal data of Los Angeles County election workers on servers in China.

Konnech’s CEO Eugene Yu, 51, was arrested on charges of stealing “the personal identifying information” of LA County election workers, according to the LA County District Attorney’s Office.


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No justification for Allegan deputy doing 90 mph in fatal crash

Thomas Goggins, 42, was allegedly driving more than 90 mph without lights or siren before he slammed into a SUV, killing a 74-year-old great grandmother.

Allegan County Prosecutor Myrene Koch on Sept. 29 charged former deputy Goggins with misdemeanor moving violation causing death in the June accident.


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Great info on the law that led to overturning Roe v Wade

Even if you’re not a big fan of podcasts, I promise you this episode from Legal Docket is worth taking the 30min.

A new Mississippi law protects unborn life after 15 weeks’ gestation. An abortion provider sued…

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City Officials Significantly Deviate from Election Law Requirement

Under Michigan law, cities must hire an equal number of Republican & Democrat poll workers. But Kalamazoo hired 132 Democrat vs 60 Republican election inspectors; Flint hired 442 Democrats v 27 Republicans. RNC weighing all legal options:
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Recent Legal Updates

Check out these recent legal updates
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State Reps Hoitenga (R), Harris (R), and Filler (R) – REALLY??!!

3 Republican MI State Reps (Hoitenga, Harris & Filler) filed HB 6354 ( ) to make it a CIVIL INFRACTION to fail to report a deer harvest ON THE DNR SITE w/i 72 hrs!  But what’s worse is they are ok with the current law CRIMINALIZING “violations” of DNR orders!  

Update on Michigan Attorney General Race

Michigan AG Dana Nessel won’t debate challenger Matthew DePerno before election
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Update from MSP on MJ Crime Lab Testing

This is the update from the Michigan State Police Forensic Science Division regarding positive test results for THC when only CBD is present.  You’ll want to read both pages of the PDF:

Don’t miss the Ex Parte Motion Hearing tomorrow morning at 11AM!

This 11AM Hearing is on my Motion to overturn the gag orders & allow me to publicly share videos of the hearings in my Allegan case. The court has banned in person attendance, only allowing live streaming, which can be seen at  (judge deletes it as soon as the hearing is over). Motion & Proposed Order I filed: Video of incident leading to my arrest
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