Restore Freedom with Katherine Henry

Don’t drive around un-accessorized! – Restore Freedom Goodie Wk 37

Get your 5 x 5 Restore Freedom window decal! You can buy this week’s RF Goodie at Didn’t catch Rachel’s video for the RF Goodie of the week? Watch it at

They can just search the words – Restore Freedom Goodie Wk 36

Are you telling people about Restore Freedom?  It can be as simple as putting a window decal on your car.  This 3″ x 11″ window decal is easy to see while driving down the road or parked in a parking lot.   The QR code will lead them to our website or with their curiosity they will search “Restore Freedom!” Get your Restore Freedom Goodie Wk 36 today! 

Magnetic Personality? – Restore Freedom Goodie Wk 35

Do you want More Freedom; Less Government?  You don’t need to have a magnetic personality, you just need the 3” x 24” car (or garage door) magnet and everyone will know that you support Restore Freedom.  Get yours today here:

Accessorize – Restore Freedom Goodie Wk 34

As Rachel tells us in this video:, don’t drive around with a naked car! Accessorize it with this week’s Restore Freedom Goodie! You can order yours at:


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