Katherine’s Allegan County Election Day 2020 Case has spanned from 11/3/20 to the present, for a total of more than 19 months as of today!  The trial is currently scheduled for Motion Hearings & a Settlement Conference on 7/7/22 with the Jury Trial on 7/13/22… But, this is the 8th trial date the court has given, so it is unsure whether it will be moved yet again.

Katherine initially filed a Motion to Dismiss, which was heard by the court on 2/4/21.  When the court denied her Motion, and violated several other rights she has, Katherine filed 2 Interlocutory Appeals in the Circuit Court in the Spring of 2021.  When the Circuit Court denied those appeals, Katherine filed them in the MI Court of Appeals, which chose not to take on those appeals at that time.  With the June 15, 2022 Trial Date approaching, Katherine filed several Motions in the trial court in May 2022 in order to secure her rights.  Those were set to be heard by the trial judge on 6/2/22, but the Judge moved the hearing on those motions to 7/7/22.  

The legal arguments in Katherine’s documents from this case can be used by others in their own fights for freedom, or even just to educate themselves or others on general Constitutional topics.
  1. Many of the documents filed in 2021 can be found here
  2. The documents Katherine filed in the trial court in May 2022 can be seen here
  3. The documents Katherine filed for an Interlocutory Appeal in the Circuit Court can be seen here