Didn’t catch our Freedom Fighting Tools for “April Fools’ and “Resolutions” as laws – Don’t let the government fool you!”? We talked about: This week’s freedom fighting tools to help you ensure the government won’t make a fool out of you:

• MI Concurrent Resolutions: tinyurl.com/y73us5je
• MI Joint Resolutions: tinyurl.com/2p9k4xkd
• MI Simple Resolutions: tinyurl.com/2ccyjean
• US Congressional Resolutions – And NOTE, there are 1798 resolutions (simple, joint, or concurrent) introduced in the US Congress during the 2021-2022 session through Monday of this week!: tinyurl.com/yc6kvsk5
• FL Archives (Includes Resolutions with the Force of Law). Here, look in the Bill Number column for “SCR, HCR, SR, HR, SJR or HJR”: laws.flrules.org
• FL Legislature Search Tool (Select Chamber & Bill Type): tinyurl.com/3zy3xj25
• Georgetown Township, MI Ordinances, etc. as an example of local government: tinyurl.com/yckpz8bx

You can watch it at youtu.be/L0s2lpnUVWk