Why Talk So Much About 2020 HB 6032?

Why are HB 5672, SB 858 & HB 6032 from 2020 important now? We MUST remember which legislators voted for those horrific bills! They can otherwise be a great guy/gal, a stellar statesman, a “constitutional” conservative, but VOTING RECORD MATTERS! Talk is cheap – especially on issues so important (microchipping of humans, shutting down businesses for C19 fears, forcing people by LAW to stay home with symptoms of C19, etc.)!  Videos on the bills: tinyurl.com/27ukw9db starting at 4:38, tinyurl.com/s9va4xvc starting @ 1:24:15, tinyurl.com/4b82hyur re shutdown orders APPROVED by Republican legislators in SB 858, tinyurl.com/2j7md439 and tinyurl.com/3457wb9y on HB 5672.