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Team up with friends – Get Involved Challenge 46!

With #Freedom, comes #Responsibility . It’s time we each did our part to take back our government! So, this week’s #GetInvolvedChallenge is to team up with friends, neighbors, those in your church, etc., to keep an eye on what’s happening at the local and state levels.

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Eyes on the Elections – Get Involved Challenge S1E45

Did you ask your poll worker to see a printout of the precinct results or make a copy for you?  Be sure to submit them to

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Fair & Honest Elections – Get Involved Challenge 43!

Election Challengers & Poll Watchers are essential to Fair & Honest elections! This week’s #GetInvolvedChallenge is for you to find out how & to whom you can report concerns if you see election workers doing something wrong.

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Upcoming Ballot Proposals – Equal Protection Get Involved Challenge

It’s easy to support a ballot proposal when it’s for a good cause, but is it CONSTITUTIONAL? This week’s #GetInvolvedChallenge is for you to carefully read EACH of your state & local ballot proposals to ensure they don’t violate #14thAmendment #EqualProtection of the law.

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State Supreme Court Justices – Get Involved Challenge S1E41

With 25% of our nation’s state supreme court justices up for election this year, we challenge you to find out which ones are on your ballot, if it’s a standard election or retention election, and how you plan to vote for each candidate. #GetInvolved #StateSupremeCourt

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Stop Prop 3 Get Involved Challenge!

We’ve informed you of ‘Reproductive Freedom’ Prop 3’s outrageous impacts. It’s your turn to inform others! Tell 10 people Prop 3

  • is BLATANTLY unconstitutional 
  • allows abortion on demand (babies unborn & BORN!) 
  • prohibits protecting children from sterilizations, sex changes, contraceptives, abortions, sex with pedophiles
  • allows parents to abandon children
  • REQUIRING society to pay for it ALL!

 Send those with questions to

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Reproductive Freedom for All Wednesday Way to Get Involved Challenge

Week 39: what the Reproductive Freedom For All petition really says (AKA Prop 3 on MI’s November 2022 ballot). We challenge you to READ the official summary & the actual language of proposed new Section 28 of the MI Constitution: You can see here the other parts of the MI Constitution the authors claim will be affected:

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Restoring Ottawa School Boards to Education Excellence – A message from Ottawa Impact

Families are a critical building block of healthy, vibrant communities.

We treasure children as a gift from God, and take seriously the role of parents to direct the care and upbringing of their children, protected by the Constitution and affirmed by Michigan School Code.

As exposed in the past week by journalist, Christopher Rufo, and gubernatorial candidate, Tudor Dixon, the Michigan Department of Education is actively promoting the indoctrination and sexualization of children without parental consent.

Here in Ottawa County, numerous school districts have joined in progressive activism, with local school boards allowing classroom and library books with graphic and violent sexual content for children and teens.

The lack of moral courage, appropriate boundaries and common sense among many who make decisions for our children has become clear.
Ottawa Impact Education PAC has vetted and endorsed 11 candidates running for school board in the following districts in Ottawa County.

​Allendale Public Schools

​Grand Haven Public Schools​

​Grandville Public Schools

​Holland Public Schools​

​Jenison Public Schools

Ottawa Impact Education PAC issued the following statement:

“Please join us in supporting and spreading the word about these quality candidates! They have stepped up to restore education excellence to our schools, signing the Contract with Ottawa for School Board. They need your financial support for campaign expenses such as signs and printed materials as they spread the word to voters about restoring our schools. Join us as we defend our piece of America!”
Please view the websites of these courageous new leaders and learn more about their focus on a return to education excellence.

You can view the Education PAC website here:​

Let’s protect our ability to raise our kids.

For Family,

Sylvia Rhodea
Co-Founder / Parental Rights Advocate
(616) 600-8777

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Republican State Reps Support Overreaching Hunting Regulations – Wed Way to Get Involved Challenge

Contact MI State Reps Hoitenga, Harris & Filler: FIX HB 6354 & MCL 324.40118! It shouldn’t be a crime OR A CIVIL INFRACTION to fail to report a deer harvest ON THE DNR APP w/i 72 hrs; Hunting regulations must NOT be so complex; Hunting “violations” must NOT be CRIMES w/ possible LIFETIME hunting bans; DNR reporting must be easily accessible & consistent (call vs App vs ??); DNR ORDERS must NOT be treated like LAWS!
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Unconstitutional Orders – Way to Get Involved Challenge!

Unconstitutional court orders & government mandates abound these days. So we challenge you to reach out to someone standing their ground against an unconstitutional court order or government action. Reach out, offer tangible support & encourage! Together we can #RestoreFreedom!

Checking Ordinances for Unconstitutionality – Way to Get Involved Challenge 36

We shared how an unconstitutional ordinance allowed a man to be kicked out of WI village Turtle Lake, and how the Village Board chose to not only repeal this ordinance, but also reevaluate ALL ordinances to check for constitutionality. We now challenge you to THANK the Turtle Lake village board, AND urge your own city or town board to do the same check!

Read Convention Rules – Wk 34 Way to Get Involved Challenge!

For week 34’s Way to Get Involved Challenge, we challenge you to read your state’s party convention rules thoroughly. Even if you’re not a delegate, understanding this process is important information you should know.

For example, we provide the link for MIGOP here:

Search, Find, Read – Get Involved Challenge S1E33

Didn’t catch our Get Involved Challenge for “Appeals: What You Need to Know!”? We talked about: For this week’s Way to Get Involved Challenge we want you to search for the words “appeal” and “appellate” in your state’s Constitution and read the full paragraph/section/article the word is in. Feel free to comment with your state initials and how many times you find them.

You can watch it at

Watch and Take Notes – Wk 32 Way to Get Involved Challenge!

For this week’s Way to Get Involved Challenge, find out if your county court is holding in-person hearings open to the public, online only hearings, or both.  If in person, find a hearing date and time to attend this week.  If the hearings are online, identify at least one hearing to watch live and watch the whole thing.  Take note of any questions you have about the hearing or the court process in general.  Feel free to ask those questions during our next Restore Freedom Weekly Episode (Tuesday at Noon EST).     If your county court doesn’t allow you to attend in person and doesn’t stream on YouTube, let us know.

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Time to Breathe, Take a Break – Wk 31 Way to Get Involved Challenge!

This week’s Way to Get Involved Challenge is simple and unique to what we normally challenge you to do.  These past few months, especially, have been spent supporting and getting involved in local, county and state election candidates’ campaigns.  

We are challenging you to take a one week break from ALL politics!  Refresh yourself so that you are able to be best prepared for what is to come (general elections, etc.)

#TakeaBreak #Breath #Refresh #Exhaustion #AvoidBurnOut #RestoreFreedomWeekly #Episode31 #Politics #RestoreFreedom #MoreFreedomLessGovernment #WWTGIC #WayToGetInvolved #Challenge 

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It Takes Work – Biblical Insight S1E30

If a man will not work, he should not eat (Thessalonians 3:10) 

God reminds us that we need to be willing to work if we want to reap any rewards. (Such as in Thessalonians 3:10) So, as we talked about over the last two weeks, make sure you are doing the work to pay attention to what’s happening in your local and County levels of government. Stay informed, stay involved, and reap those just societal rewards.

Identify Your County Government – Week 30 Way to Get Involved Challenge!

Getting involved locally isn’t just about your city/township, it’s also being aware of your county government as well.  Click this link to get this week’s full ‘Way to Get Involved’ Challenge: 

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Municipal Gov’t: Constitutional Powers & Responsibilities – Get Involved Challenge S1E29

Didn’t catch our Get Involved Challenge for “Municipal Government: Constitutional Powers & Responsibilities”? We talked about: In yesterday’s full episode, we covered “Municipal Government: Constitutional Powers & Responsibilities, and why you need to know about them! A conversation with a MI Township Trustee.” So, today, we offer you a tangible way to get involved with what’s happening in YOUR local government. 

You can watch it at

Ask at Least One LEO – Get Involved Challenge S1E28

Didn’t catch our Get Involved Challenge for “Allegan Election Day 11-3-20 “Trespass” Case FINALLY Dismissed!”? We talked about:

Ask at least 1 LEO this week these 3 questions:
•What conduct is presumptively protected by the First Amendment? (If he looks confused & is in MI, share MCL 750.543z with him, then ask again.)
•Are Resolutions the same as Ordinances, and can you enforce Resolutions upon the public? (For example, can you arrest someone for “violating” a Resolution?)
•Have you heard of the Constitutional Sheriffs & Peace Officers Association?

You can watch it at

EPA, CDC & *all* Administrative Agencies Unconstitutional – Week 27 WWTGI Challenge

Administrative Agencies (like the CDC and EPA, etc) are UNCONSTITUTIONAL, but don’t just take my word for it! This week, we challenge you to read this great article about #AdministrativeAgencies AND the SCOTUS summary (only 6 very short pages!) of the newest court decision regarding Administrative Agencies. Don’t be afraid of all the “legalese” – in our great Constitutional Republic (government Of the People, By the People and For the People), you’ve got this!,

#CourtDecision #USSupremeCourt #USSCt #SCOTUS #Opinion #CasePrecedent #Court #CourtCase #Liberty #IndividualLiberties #ConstitutionMatters #Transparency #Government #GovernmentTransparency #OpenHearings #DueProcess #TruthMatters #Truth #RestoreFreedom #MoreFreedomLessGovernment #Constitution #Overturned #Decision #RestoreFreedomWeekly #Episode27 #WeThePeople #Law #Rights #SupremeCourt #EPA #CDC #NIH #DOL #DOE #DOT #HHS #DHS #FTC #SEC #Unconstitutional #DeclarationOfIndependence #July4th #July4 #IndependenceDay #Independence #7/4 #PendletonAct #AdmininstrativeAgencies #Agencies #GovernmentAgencies #AdminLaw #AdminRules #RulesAndRegulations #DeepState #Unelected #WW2GI #WednesdayWayToGetInvolved #WayToGetInvolvedChallenge #GetInvolved #Challenge #WednesdayChallenge #WayToGetInvolved #Grassroots #GrassrootsEfforts

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What did SCOTUS actually decide? – Get Involved Challenge S1E26

Didn’t catch our Get Involved Challenge for “Overturned Roe v Wade & the Continued Fight”? We talked about:

This week, we’re challenging you to pick just one of the 3 recent court decisions and simply read the court’s summary of the decision (called the Syllabus, and usually about 6 pages). Which issue is most important to you? Right to life, 2A, or Religious Liberty?

The summary for each case can be found as follows:
• Right to Life decision can be found on pg 1-8 at;
• 2A decision can be found on pg 1-6 at;
• Religious Liberty decision can be found on pg 1-5 at

You can watch it at

Body Cams & Dash Cams- Week 25 WTGI Challenge

Transparency in government is a must.  Open court hearings & legislative hearings; Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests; Open Meetings Act (OMA); and Body cams & Dash cams are some of the tools that can be used to ensure governmental transparency.  Do your sheriff’s department and local police department use Body cams & Dash cams? 

#Transparency #Government #GovernmentTransparency #OpenHearings #DashCam #BodyCam #OpenMeeting #OMA #OpenMeetingsAct #FOIA #FreedomOfInformationAct #RecordsRequest #DueProcess #TruthMatters #Truth #RestoreFreedomWeekly #Episode25 #RestoreFreedom #MoreFreedomLessGovernment #Constitution

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Way to Get Involved S1E15

Given our discussion in this week’s Restore Freedom Weekly episode, this week’s #GetInvolved Challenge is:

Find out when the next elections are in your state & city (likely primary elections), then find out which candidates & issues are on your next ballot. Identify which issues & candidates you support, and which you don’t. Do your homework – don’t guess or just take someone else’s word for it.

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