Updates: CDC Grand jury investigation and CDC’s ACIP meeting

The CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) met June 21 and 22 and will meet again June 23. But before we update you on what’s in the immunization pipeline, let’s talk about the CDC grand jury investigation.

A court case demanding that a grand jury look at the actions of the CDC since 2020 is currently in the hands of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. Not surprisingly, the federal government has made typical legal maneuvers aimed at getting the plaintiffs thrown out of court on legal technicalities before a judge will even look at the merits of their claims.

Soon, the 9th Circuit will make a ruling on whether the plaintiffs, Senators Kim Thatcher and Dennis Linthicum from Oregon, along with Dr. Henry Ealy and others, have legal legs to stand on. The plaintiffs must file a brief explaining to the court why the federal government is wrong and convince them of a strong, valid reason to be in court. That filing is due July 10, 2023.

You can help. One simple signature can help get this movement to the tipping point. As of this writing, the petition has 270,000 signatures. The more signatures it has, the more weight the petition will carry with the court.

Help the team get the petition over 300,000 signatures to show the court how many Americans are watching and demanding justice. Once filed, the petition will become part of the court record that will be transmitted to the U.S. Supreme Court if an appeal is made and heard.

Click the video to hear from Dr. Ealy and the senators about where things currently stand and to learn of the impact your simple signature can make.

Please sign the petition to investigate the CDC if you haven’t already. Send it to your friends. Post it on your social media.

The CDC’s vaccine recommendation pipeline: ACIP recap

The CDC is currently focused on the recommended immunization schedules, echoing the cries of the World Health Organization to have children and adults “catch up” with schedules after a significant plummet in overall vaccine rates since the pandemic was declared. With the potential that more emergencies could be declared (and multiply if the pandemic treaty and IHR Amendments pass in 2024), manufacturers are lining up to get in the pipeline for vaccines with liability-free sales — and free government marketing to boot. At recent meetings of the ACIP, the overall theme of the conversation has shifted from whether vaccines are safe and effective enough to be recommended to creating a “simplified” recommendation that will be easy to implement.

Every session seemed to focus more on the economic effectiveness of the vaccines than their safety and efficacy. Entire presentations were dedicated to the possible overall dollars saved on health care — in the absence of updated vaccine recommendations.

This conversational shift by the ACIP reflects a trend we at SHF have noticed over the last three years to merge public health with primary care. Throwing out analysis of risk to an individual in favor of population-level universal recommendations is a symptom of that policy sickness. The conversations about polio and pneumococcal vaccines, for example, favored giving more doses if vaccine status was uncertain — and there was no discussion of the possible harms of giving unnecessary doses.

Highlighted Vaccine Votes and Notes

Friday’s agenda includes a safety discussion of the childhood schedule, including aluminum content of vaccines. A discussion about COVID shots, including natural immunity, will follow, closing out the annual June meeting.

You can tune in by 11:45 am EST at this link that includes meeting materials, but it’s easier to stomach these meetings when you watch with friends. Join Dr. Meryl Nass’ livestreamed comments at CHD.tv for down-to-earth and insightful commentary.

Stand for Health Freedom will keep watching the moves of the CDC as it brings on new director Dr. Mandy Cohen from North Carolina in July and keep you updated on the progress of the call for a grand jury investigation.

The first step toward tyranny is to silence the voices of the dissenters. SHF will keep vigil, and keep you updated about what is going on and how we can make strategic moves together to protect health freedom.

For Health Freedom,

Stand for Health Freedom