Restoring Ottawa School Boards to Education Excellence – A message from Ottawa Impact

Families are a critical building block of healthy, vibrant communities.

We treasure children as a gift from God, and take seriously the role of parents to direct the care and upbringing of their children, protected by the Constitution and affirmed by Michigan School Code.

As exposed in the past week by journalist, Christopher Rufo, and gubernatorial candidate, Tudor Dixon, the Michigan Department of Education is actively promoting the indoctrination and sexualization of children without parental consent.

Here in Ottawa County, numerous school districts have joined in progressive activism, with local school boards allowing classroom and library books with graphic and violent sexual content for children and teens.

The lack of moral courage, appropriate boundaries and common sense among many who make decisions for our children has become clear.
Ottawa Impact Education PAC has vetted and endorsed 11 candidates running for school board in the following districts in Ottawa County.

​Allendale Public Schools

​Grand Haven Public Schools​

​Grandville Public Schools

​Holland Public Schools​

​Jenison Public Schools

Ottawa Impact Education PAC issued the following statement:

“Please join us in supporting and spreading the word about these quality candidates! They have stepped up to restore education excellence to our schools, signing the Contract with Ottawa for School Board. They need your financial support for campaign expenses such as signs and printed materials as they spread the word to voters about restoring our schools. Join us as we defend our piece of America!”
Please view the websites of these courageous new leaders and learn more about their focus on a return to education excellence.

You can view the Education PAC website here:​

Let’s protect our ability to raise our kids.

For Family,

Sylvia Rhodea
Co-Founder / Parental Rights Advocate
(616) 600-8777