Case Documents

  1. Ormond Beach Illegal Taking of Henrys’ Property case (2023-24)
  2. Allegan County Election Day 2020 Case
  3. Michigan COVID19 EO Cases
  4. MI Governor’s Abortion Case
  5. Antrim County Election Audit Case
  6. Physicians for Informed Consent – Katherine’s Vaccine Appeals Documents
    1. Katherine’s Motion
    2. Katherine’s Amicus Brief on Appeal
    3. Katherine’s Appendix
      (This includes information directly from vaccine manufacturers)
  7. Katherine Henry v City Manager of Belding (coming soon)
  8. MI GOP / OMA
    1. Katherine’s Letter re 2nd Congressional District MIGOP Caucus
    2. County Clerk’s Response re Ottawa County GOP 120120
    3. Katherine’s Email to Ottawa County GOP
  9. MI Township Issues
    1. Zoom Meetings by Public Bodies