Prosecutor's Answer to Henry's Court of Appeals Procedural Due Process Appeal 052821

K Henry’s 110320 arrest on Election Day was illegal in many respects, and the District Court never had Subject Matter Jurisdiction to hear the case. However, once the case was in court, the Prosecutors and Judges involved violated Henry’s rights in additional ways. Astounded at these blatant rights violations, Henry not only filed an interlocutor (before trial) appeal of the original case, but also an interlocutory appeal for these procedural rights violations. The circuit court illegally dismissed Henry’s appeal. Henry then appealed to the Court of Appeals, filing a Motion for Immediate Consideration, asking the court to dismiss grant her appeal & dismiss the charges before the trial date in District Court. This PDF is the Prosecutor’s Response to Henry’s Procedural Due Process Appeal in the Court of Appeals.

Original file name: Pros Answer-App for Lv to Appeal (#356828 Henry) 052821 redacted