Catherine Engelbrecht & Gregg Philips of True the Vote (creators of 2,000 Mules) were arrested 10/31/22 for not disclosing a confidential source leading to the discovery of info on 1.8 million US poll workers on servers in China! Catherine & Gregg are American heroes standing for truth in their investigation into 2020 elections & for what they have uncovered regarding Konnech. As of this writing (11/2) they are both still in jail with Gregg having been moved to an undisclosed location.

This arrest came out of a defamation lawsuit against Catherine and Gregg by Konnech. Konnech is an Okemos, MI based company which created PollChief election software used all over the US, including Detroit (contract recently terminated) & LA. On October 4, Michigan police arrested Eugene Yu, CEO of Konnech, on suspicion of stealing data of hundreds of Los Angeles County poll workers. He was arraigned in LA and awaits further hearings. Konnech has quickly become the center of legal actions regarding the theft of poll worker personal information and other election irregularities that are likely tied to Chinese Communist Party!

[This was from an email from Michigan Conservative Coalition @ Catherine Engelbrecht & Gregg Philips of True the Vote, creators of “2,000 Mules” clearly showing ballot trafficking at drop boxes in the 2020 presidential election.]