Didn’t catch our Get Involved Challenge for “What the MI Court of Appeals ruled this week about Election Integrity!”? We talked about: We need you to sign up to be an election worker, poll watcher, or election challenger!

Michigan Resources:
• The MI Election Challenge Process: Questions and Answers: tinyurl.com/3tb4z6zv
• Sign up to be a MI Election Worker: tinyurl.com/5y5ruc36
• Appointment, Rights & Duties of Election Challengers and Poll Watchers: tinyurl.com/39d32ab9
• Michigan Election Law Crimes, SOS Oct 2020: tinyurl.com/2p89suc3
• Violations of Michigan and Federal Elections Law Relevant to Election Day: tinyurl.com/22xdpk9w
• MI Election Protection Team – 5k Inspectors by May:

Florida Resources:
• Voter Challenges: tinyurl.com/4ffkxywe
• Watchers at polls: tinyurl.com/y494bk7x
• Public Inspection of Ballots: tinyurl.com/2szbvcwh
• Poll worker recruitment and training: tinyurl.com/256w62xt
• Florida Party Poll Watcher Sign Up: tinyurl.com/46eufyh3
• Becoming a Volusia County Poll Worker: tinyurl.com/muh4r7yy

You can watch it at tinyurl.com/573v39xu