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Elected officials, bureaucrats, and schools have forgotten their place.

Government is not the parent.

As reflected in Virginia yesterday, PARENTS WILL take back America for their children.

The policies and positions of the Ottawa County Board of Commissioners and the Health Department will not be tolerated or forgotten by Ottawa County parents.

During the last 20 months, the County Commissioners have drawn praise from the Democrat Party, which also supports harsh enforcement of public health orders, and Critical Race Theory, under the guise of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

Enough is enough.

At the primary election of August 2, 2022, PARENTS WILL bring change to the Republican-led Ottawa County Board of Commissioners, and in November, to local school boards.

In 271 Days,
Parents will unite for liberty and choose

New leaders will stand boldly for the people, as Governor-Elect Glenn Youngkin has promised to do in Virginia. Parents will not tolerate harmful, divisive teachings or the tyrannical treatment of their children. As author, speaker, and parental rights advocate Allie Beth Stuckey said last night:

Parents need a seat at the table to keep government in its rightful place.

I’m happy to announce that Ottawa Impact PAC has been vetting candidates for the Ottawa County Board of Commissioners. These new, vibrant, electable men and women are stepping forward to give a voice to parents and families! It is amazing to see the foundations God has laid and who He is moving into position.

Who are we vetting? Parents and citizens with courage and backbone, from a variety of backgrounds, including business, education, social work, parental rights advocacy, and more!

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[Posted by Lori DeVries]