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Ottawa County responded to the lawsuit. You can see their response and other updates on the website.

It all boils down to this: 

  1. Ottawa County leadership is working hard to fight the lawsuit, to keep kids masked in school, prioritizing their interests above the health of our children and parental rights.
  2. Interestingly, Ottawa County issued a new public health order last Friday. It begins by saying:
    1. “The Administrative Health Officer makes the following factual determinations to reconcile the orders considering current facts and law”
  3. Presumably, they issued this “fix-it” order in response to the lawsuit. As you know, the lawsuit challenges that the county failed to make factual determinationsregarding “imminent harm” to support their mask order, and this was how they tried to fix their error.
  4. It is now apparent that Ottawa County has coined a new term, which you will see in their response: “harmless mask mandate.”
  5. 221 people have donated to support the lawsuit. The Ottawa Impact Legal Fund is funding the legal action, so please donate today! The five brave families suing the county need your support.

Concerning Questions

  • Does Ottawa County really think pants, shirts, and shoes are the same as a mask?
  • Did Ottawa County forget that families can choose to OPT OUT of the chicken pox and rubella vaccines, including for medical, philosophical, and religious reasons?

Ottawa County reported on September 29:

  • 2 child hospitalizations in the past 5 months
  • 0 child deaths in the past 19 months

Does this look like “imminent danger” to pre-K through sixth grade students? No!


We will keep you updated as things progress.

Ottawa County needs new leaders for new times.

[Posted by Lori DeVries]