Constitutional Work

  • One of the hardest working freedom fighters in Michigan” – Kristen
  • “Thank you for what you and your family are doing for Michigan and America. God Bless!” – Kevinn
  • “Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us! You empower us to stand up for ourselves, our state, our country and most importantly, our God!” – Lori
  • “Thank you for your amazing work that you do for us michiganders!!” – Anne
  • “Thank you so much Katherine for your support & strength to work for us the people!” – Cindy
  • “Thanks for all your doing and I’m excited to be working on this initiative with you. And thank you for educating me and opening my eyes to so many things.” – Brandy
  • “Having been born & raised in Michigan, I have never seen or read the Michigan Constitution. Now it’s a top priority.” – MG
  • “I will continue to do all I can to stand beside you” – Robin
  • “Thank you for aggressively defending our rights and making us aware of issues like this.” – Kathy
  • “Katherine Henry is brilliant. She is able to argue Constitutional Law all the way to the Supreme Court in DC. She spoke and answered questions. Any question I had about our closing was answered completely. It has been unconstitutional. If you have any arguments- take it up with her (and be prepared to lose!)” – Barbara
  • “The answer to your question if I’m willing to stay on as captain is not yes. It’s HELL YES! We are in dire need to have this pass on the ballot. Count me in. And I want to express all my appreciation for everyone there who has worked so hard to get this done. Thank you very much. And send my thanks to everyone else there that has participated. I commend you all.” – Gary
Client Testimonials
Domestic Relations (Family Law) cases
  • Katherine did an amazing job keeping the parties on task and focused and respectful.  Katherine is by far my favorite mediator I’ve worked with.  She is so good!” – Attorney
  • Smooth process with results” – Party
  • Mrs. Henry provided examples from experience to play devil’s advocate that were helpful to show how judges may look at certain circumstances or situations.” – Attorney
  • She was great!” – Party
  • She went the extra mile on this case – which was a hard case to resolve.” – Attorney

General Civil, Landlord Tenant, Small Claims, and related cases

  • Katherine “explained everything in a way that was easily understood and went back over to make sure.  Everything seemed to work well that she did for us in my opinion.” – Party
  • Katherine was “neutral and calm.”  –  Party
  • Katherine did an excellent job.”  – Party
  • She did a great job.”  –  Party
  • Mediator was very personable and created a good atmosphere and did a great job.  Glad that Katherine Henry was our mediator.”  –  Party
  • My mediator was Katherine Henry.  I have been a landlord for a number of years.  This case has been mediated and brought to a conclusion that was well balanced.  Mrs. Henry was patient with each party and brought us to an agreement.  She is an excellent mediator.”  –  Party
  • This lady was very nice and did her job exceptionally well.  Very impressed.  Personality amazing.”  –  Party

Agriculture / Rural Development cases

  • Good ear and a quick study.  Captured issues very well.  Legal background degree was very helpful.”  –  FSA Rep
  • Does not take sides.”  –  Farmer
  • I felt that she was great and impartial to help find resolution. Thank you for your help Katherine!”  –  Farm Lessor
  • Helped us understand how the other party interpreted key elements of the document.  Our mediator went above and beyond – spending 4 hours with our mediation.”  –  Farmer
  • She helped us to see the financial and non-financial dispute items from [the other party’s] perspective.  Our mediator was fantastic and went the extra mile.”  –  Farm Lessor
  • I am very thankful to our mediator and appreciate that this is an option for farm disputes.”  –  Farm Lessor

Special Education Mediations and IEP Facilitations

  • The mediation was very helpful.  Katherine was very understanding and helped to keep us focused and working on a resolution.”  –  District Superintendent
  • Thank you for a very thoughtful caring mediation experience.”  – Superintendent of Special Education
  • Thank you!  Excellent mediator!”  –  School Psychologist
  • Very pleasant lady.  Listened to both sides and fixed the issues.”  –  Parent
  • Thank you for leading the mediation.  This process was very beneficial and helpful.”  –  Superintendent
  • Kept the meeting on track”  –  Occupational Therapist
  • Having Katherine facilitate “reduced tension” and “improved the IEP process.”  –  ASD Consultant
  • The IEP process was improved by the facilitator’s presence and participation.  She was great at “keeping the IEP on track.”  –  School Psychologist
  • The most helpful part of having a facilitator was the clarity” she provided.  –  Community Mental Health Provider
  • The most helpful part of having [Katherine facilitating] was that the meeting seemed more relaxed and not as stressful. : The IEP process was improved by the facilitator’s presence and participation [because she] kept it on track.”  – ISD Autism Mentor
  • The most helpful part of having a facilitator was [that she was] clarifying points of view.”  –  Special Education Teacher
  • Keep up the good work.  I really appreciate your help and input!”  –  Director of Special Education
  • She made sure everyone was on the same page.”  –  Speech Pathologist
  • The most helpful part [was Katherine] asking clarifying questions, and paraphrasing lengthy conversations around sticky topics.”  –  School Psychologist
  • She kept the meeting going [which] improved the IEP process.”  –  School Psychologist
  • The most helpful part of having [Katherine facilitate] was staying focused [and asking] clarifying questions.”  –  General Education Teacher
  • The most helpful part of having [Katherine facilitate] was reflective listening [and] helping keep parent calm.”  –  ASD Consultant
  • Katherine provided an “objective voice, clarifying questions, and assist[ed] with communication.”  She “improved communication” which “improved the IEP process.”  –  ASD Supervisor
  • The most helpful part of having [Katherine facilitate] was [that she] helped direct meeting and explain process.”  –  Occupational Therapist
  • The mediator contributed to reaching agreement by “neutral party reflection, reiteration of points / information.”  –  Director of Special Education
  • The mediator contributed to reaching agreement by “listening to both sides to find common ground.”  –  Assistant Principal
  • I love her.  She was really amazing and had really looked at all areas.”  –  Student Advocate
  • Katherine helped us reach an agreement by highlighting that we had the “same purpose – student focus.”  –  Director of Special Education
  • Katherine helped us reach an agreement by “[keeping the] meeting focus, kept on track, restated information.”  –  Special Education Teacher
  • [Katherine was] a calm presence – keeping all focused on the student.”  –  School Social Worker
  • Katherine helped this session with her “ability to explain ideas presented; to speak to both [options]; to relate to my position and a voice to school’s position.”  –  Parent
  • Well done.  Presence appreciated!”  –  Building Principal

Restorative Practices / Restorative Justice cases (in schools & juvenile courts)

  • Katherine is very positive and interested in helping at the building.  She collaborates and works well with the students.
  • Katherine is very committed to her work.  I was grateful to have her working with my students.
  • She is very respectful and professional.  Really down to earth.  I believe she does very well helping and working with our students.
  • Katherine is highly visible and student-centered.  The times I’ve needed her assistance she is helpful, calm and neutral and uses student-friendly language.
  • Always helpful.  Builds relationships with staff and students and goes above and beyond.
  • I think Katherine does a wonderful job with being neutral.
  • Katherine provided the “opportunity for all to share feelings about a situation as well as ways to handle it if the need arises.  Thanks Katherine for your time!”
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