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Know your Petitioning rights:


Still have Questions?

As we get questions from you we will post the question and answers here on the FAQ Page.

Events to Sign Petitions

If you just want to sign the petition, and are unable to help collect signatures, please stay tuned for information regarding upcoming signing events and locations.

See the events calendar on the Events Page

Become a Petition Circulator:

Steps to become a Circulator:

  1. Fill-out The Circulator Application
  2. Watch the 12-minute Training Video and look over written instructions
  3. Contact your local caption to establish connection and obtain petitions

Remain a RFI Circulator:

Petition Instructions

How to Sign The Petition?

Click here for the instructions that go with this example:

Click Here for a Video that describes this sample in more detail.

Participate in Door-to-Door Canvassing

Adam Heikkila is leading this effort. If you are a circulator, please reach out to Adam immediately to help get involved in canvassing!

If you are not a circulator yet, but would like to help us with this effort, please fill out the online circulator application below and contact Adam as soon as possible.

NOTE: This is only for those wishing to learn about door to door canvassing, not to become a circulator or the RFI petition

(Black and White version of flyer)

Please note that all official petition forms must come from us, and that the sample form displayed here may not be used to collect signatures

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