Election Day Trespass Case

  1. Substantive Due Process Appeal (The deputies had no authority to arrest Katherine)
    1. Motion for Immediate Consideration & Application to Appeal: Substantive Due Process
    2. Appellant (Katherine’s) SDP Appendix 1 (This includes:)
      1. Motion to Dismiss & Brief in Support
      2. Prosecutor’s Response
      3. Katherine’s Reply Brief
      4. Katherine’s Exhibits 1-14
    3.  Katherine’s SDP Appendix 2 (This includes:)
      1. Motion to Compel Discovery from Prosecutor & Brief in Support
      2. Court Orders and Documents
      3. Transcripts for Hearings on 1/11/21, 2/4/21, and 2/9/21
      4. Other Exhibits
      5. Procedural Due Process Appeal filed in Circuit Court
    4. Statement per MCR 7.205(G)(1)
    5. Prosecutor’s Answer to Katherine’s Motion for Immediate Consideration of SDP Appeal
    6. Prosecutor’s Answer to Katherine’s SDP Application to Appeal to Court of Appeals
    7. Katherine’s Reply Brief
    8. Katherine’s SDP Appendix 3 FILED
  2. Procedural Due Process Appeal (Appealing the Illegal Actions of the Judge & Prosecutor) 
    1. Motion for Immediate Consideration & Application to Appeal: Procedural Due Process 
      1. Appellant (Katherine’s) PDP Appendix (These are the exhibits) 
      2. Prosecutor’s Motion to Dismiss Katherine’s DP Appeal
      3. Katherine’s Response to Prosecutor’s Motion to Dismiss Katherine’s DP Appeal This includes:
        1. Katherine’s Response (brief summary to court)
        2. Katherine’s Brief in Support of the Response
        3. Katherine’s New Appendix Exhibits
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