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Prohibited Parking or Constitutional Catastrophe

Now Filed in the MI Court of Appeals

All Documents Filed in Election Day Trespass Case Here

Is your elected official willing to be arrested to defend the constitution?

I am!

When ignorance rules, tyranny will follow. Demand government officials both KNOW & FOLLOW the constitution!


Katherine Henry
Arrested then Elected

Restore Freedom with Katherine Henry began as a joint effort between the Katherine Henry PC law firm and the Restore Freedom Initiative ballot question committee. Our signature gathering efforts are completed, but our fight for freedom is not. We’re constantly working on various freedom-fighting constitutional advocacy & education projects, posting updates to our website, and sharing them in our weekly newsletter. We’ve been sharing specific calls to action for people to have tangible ways that they can start effecting change in their own communities.

Through both the petition effort and the general constitutional advocacy work, we have grown into an organization with thousands of volunteers, tens of thousands of active supporters, and hundreds of thousands (or more) of those we regularly impact. We’ve held hundreds of events all across the state since May 2020, in communities large and small – from the far northern reaches of the U.P. down to Bronson; from Ludington in the West to Port Sanilac in the East. We’ve educated citizens on local government meetings and national government happenings. We’ve answered your questions one-on-one, and defended the Constitution in the Michigan Supreme Court.

With help from people like you, we’ll continue educating and empowering the residents of Michigan, and holding government officials and agencies accountable. We appreciate all that you each are doing to help in our fight for freedom – donating to the costs of court filing fees & supplies; donating to Katherine & her family so she can continue doing this work full time; volunteering your time and talents; praying for Katherine, her family, the RF team and their families; spreading the word about our organization, the Constitution, and our God-given liberties. Together we will #RestoreFreedom, achieving #MoreFreedomLessGovernment.

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