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 Restore Freedom is a joint effort between the Katherine Henry PC law firm and the Restore Freedom Initiative ballot question committee.  The Restore Freedom Initiative is a proposal to amend our Michigan state constitution to: rein back in government power; prevent future abuses of power by the governor, legislature and courts (even in times of crisis, war or emergency); restore Michigan to a government of the people, by the people, and for the people (as REQUIRED by our US Constitution).  Katherine Henry is the founder of the Restore Freedom Initiative and the owner and lead attorney of Katherine Henry PC.  Prior to April 2020, Katherine Henry PC offered a variety of legal services and dispute resolution services.  From that point on, though, the law firm has focused on educating the public on the law and the Constitution, empowering individuals to actively participate in the government process, educating government officials on legal and constitutional issues, fighting for freedom and defending the Constitution, and giving the people a voice in it all. 

We were hoping to have 550,000 signatures by July 6, 2020, but God had other plans. So, although our Restore Freedom Initiative constitutional amendment will not make it on the 2020 general election ballot, we will see it on the 2022 general election ballot. And it has been truly amazing to see how God brings together so many amazing people to work on something like this. In just the last 37 days, we have grown into a grassroots organization with roughly 2000 volunteer circulators, over 500 signing locations, and countless other volunteers who do everything from delivering petitions all across the state to organizing our hundreds of signing events.  So while we did not get the 550,000 signatures we wanted by July 6th, we are certain we will get the remaining 350,000 signatures we need by November 13th.  

We sincerely thank each and every one of you who has helped thus far with our efforts to restore freedom here in Michigan! We look forward to working with you to continue in this effort.  

From this point forward, Katherine’s focus will be on defending the Constitution and restoring freedom here in Michigan.  With the help of her team, Katherine will be collecting the remaining signatures needed to finalize our place on the 2022 general election ballot, informing voters all across Michigan about this constitutional amendment initiative, educating and empowering the residents of Michigan, and holding government officials and agencies accountable.

Steps to become a Circulator:

  1. Fill-out The Circulator Application
  2. Watch the 12-minute Training Video and look over written instructions
  3. Contact your local Captain to establish connection and obtain petitions

Order Restore Freedom Initiative Items

Show your support for the Restore Freedom Initiative and help spread the word by ordering yard signs, bumper stickers, car magnets, and more!

Freedom Fighter of the Week

Nominate a Restore Freedom Initiative Featured Freedom Fighter. This is someone who has gone above and beyond in their efforts to help the RFI fight for our freedom. This person chosen each week will be recognized on our social media and website, and will also receive a small token of our appreciation.

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