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LIVE Call-In Show: Your Constitutional Questions Answered!‍ S3E20

Are you a prosecutor, LEO, or local government employee? Want to make sure you are executing the laws in a constitutional manner? Are you a city council member, township board member, or state legislator? Want to ensure the laws you pass are constitutional? Perhaps you are a citizen who wants to know the proper limits on government, and protections for your God-given liberties. After 2 years of doing our live streams almost exclusively at noon on Tuesdays, we are bringing a 7pm LIVE Call-In show to you, at the request of our loyal supporters. So, call Constitutional Katherine 11/28/23 at 7pm EST at the phone number listed on screen. And remember, together we can #RestoreFreedom
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LIVE Call-In Show: Trump Election Cases, Constitutionality of US Foreign Aid, Common Law & Taxes!‍

LIVE Call-In Show: Trump Election Cases, Constitutionality of US Foreign Aid, Common Law & Taxes!‍

We invite you to join us LIVE at noon EST on Youtube, Facebook and Rumble! We’ll be taking your calls during our show to discuss our most recent content videos including:
‍- Is God in Government Constitutional?
– What is Common Law?
– Is the Establishment Clause “”Erroneous””?
– Tips & Tricks in using your state legislature’s website
– Income Taxes Not Legally Required?
– Who is charged with what in the GA Election Interference case?
– Who pled guilty to which charges in the GA Election Interference case?
– Far-reaching Implications of 4 Guilty Pleas in GA Election Interference case
– US involvement in Foreign Wars & Finances Constitutional?
– Media Not Allowed in Trump’s DC Criminal Trial?

So, call in to 616-303-0093 to join our LIVE conversation on these great Constitutional topics!
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LIVE Call-In Show on J6, BLM & Motions in Court!

Restore Freedom Weekly Season 3! Call in to our LIVE show on 10-10-23 to discuss these important topics:
Was January 6th 2021 an insurrection?
Why are J6ers “”Insurrectionists”” while BLM is not?
Breaking down President Trump’s “Insurrection” charges
Common In-Trial Motions
Important Post-Trial Motions
Top Motions to File During an Appeal
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Governor & Guns: Constitution Not Absolute? S2E27

New Mexico Governor bans carrying guns; says Constitution is not ‘absolute’. What does the Constitution say? WHAT can be done about it? WHO can do something about it? Back from hiatus due to our family emergency, we look forward to joining you Tuesday @ Noon EST for Episode 27 of Restore Freedom Weekly!

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Gun Rights in All 50 States! S2E26

Self-defense is vital, especially for those who travel. Learn more about gun rights in your state and beyond! What the 2nd Amendment means & how it applies to the states. What the 50 State Constitutions say about Gun Rights. How the various components of gun rights are regulated by the states. Knowing your rights on this topic is essential to defend yourself from violent offenders as well as tyrannical governments!
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Avoiding Burnout While Defending Your Rights! S2E25

Getting overwhelmed with having to defend your freedom? Financially overwhelmed in defending your rights? Confused with all the terminology? Not sure how to find cases and statutes? Unsure about which software is required? Defending your freedom can be an exhausting task, especially if you’re having to do so in court. This week, we focus on bringing it back to the basics, so you can keep going even when it all seems daunting.
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NEW Appeals Court ruling on DHHS health “orders”! S2E24

Governors across the country issued EOs in 2020, but some went too far & mandated jab$ & prohibited gatherings & shut down businesses. Several state courts have explained that such “orders” are unconstitutional, but overall, courts have simply not gone far enough in explaining just how many constitutional provisions are violated by such “orders.” What the MI Supreme Court said about Executive orders in 2020 & what the Court of Appeals said about Emergency orders just last month!
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5 NEW important SCOTUS Decisions! S2E23 (FULL)

5 of the most important NEW SCOTUS Decisions! Free speech, religious accommodations, limits on administrative agency power, duties & limits of state legislatures, protection of private property rights, racial justice & more! Courts don’t make laws, but their opinions can’t simply be ignored; so join our discussion this week to learn about these cases!

On July 11th, Restore Freedom Weekly experienced severe “technical” issues. This is a compilation of 3 lives and the final segment recorded and uploaded.
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Happy Independence Day! RFW is off this week

Wishing everyone a Happy Independence Day! We hope that you are enjoying your time with family and friends while celebrating our Independence. We look forward to see you next week Tuesday, the 11th, at noon for another episode of Restore Freedom Weekly.
#IndependenceDay #short
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A Constitutional Sheriff? Live Unscripted Interview with Sheriff Candidate Dean Brandt! S2E22

Is your Sheriff Constitutional? What should a Sheriff know about the Constitution? Why is your Sheriff important to your freedom? Join us for this LIVE, unscripted interview with Sheriff Candidate Dean Brandt as we answer these questions, and quiz him on the Constitution, general aspects of government, and his candidacy!
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Follow the Money! with Alan Myers S2E21

When your cries for transparency fall on deaf ears, deliver a message they cannot ignore. ‘Follow the Money’ to unearth political corruption. Join our talk with Forensic CPA Alan Myers about reviewing the incoming and outgoing funds for local government (city/twp and school boards, etc)! How to ‘Follow the Government Money’ without being a financial expert!
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Protecting Your Rights BEFORE and DURING An Appeal S2E20

Appeals can only be filed and won by Attorneys, right? WRONG! There’s no need to think about the requirements for an appeal until you’ve lost your case, right? WRONG! Walking you through the “what” and “how” of Appeals so you don’t LOSE YOUR RIGHTS before you’ve realized what it takes to protect them!
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You’ve just been arrested! Now what?!? S2E19

You’ve just been arrested! Now what?!? Hear from a freedom fighter & government exposer about his most recent battle against ignorance & tyranny. See what constitutes an arrest, what happens once you’ve been arrested, and what your next steps should be. Join us as we brainstorm and answer questions about how to initially fight back when you’ve been unlawfully arrested.
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Freedom Fighter Phocion DENIED Due Process! S2E18

The government says you’ve committed an “offense” and must appear for court. Everyone knows this requires you to be given Due Process of law. That includes providing you with Notice of when & where the hearing is, which judge will preside, if the charges are civil or criminal, what law they allege you broke, & the court file number (so you can file responses & motions you deem necessary). But our Freedom Fighting friend Phocion is being denied this Due Process! In this episode, Katherine & Phocion will discuss this case, Phocion’s 5/16/23 Hearing, & his legal options!
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Trials, Evidentiary Hearings & Motion Hearings – What’s What? S2E17

You probably have a general idea of what a trial is and what a motion hearing is, but do you really know the differences between them? In this episode, we’ll go over the differences between trials, evidentiary hearings, and motion hearings. We’ll also discuss the stages and types of cases in which each takes place.
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5 Most Common Pretrial Motions! S2E14

Representing yourself in court? Don’t have much faith in your attorney? Continue learning with our series on self-representation. This week we’re going over the five most common pretrial motions. Whether your case is civil or criminal, this info will help you be best prepared for trial.
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Overcoming Self-Representation Roadblocks! S2E13

E-filing systems make courts more accessible, right? Wrong! Discussing the roadblocks we’ve experienced in our current case against Ormond Beach, and how we overcame those roadblocks. Helping self-represented non attorneys navigate their way through the legal system. Emergency motions, civil cover sheets, designation of email, hidden court filing fees & more!
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Preparing Step by Step for Representing Yourself S2E12

I’ve been encouraging people for years to properly educate themselves so they can represent themselves in court and other situations. But other than knowing which laws might apply in which situations, how do you really put together a case to represent yourself? There’s so many laws and court rules and other procedures that it can all be overwhelming. This week, I will walk you through each step on how to prepare for a case. <
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Nonsense of our laws, and key tips on how to win court cases! S2E11

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As I prepare for my 2nd appeal as a FL resident, I become more frustrated with how our laws are contradictory, too many in number, too complex, and are cherry picked by government officials for which ones they follow. It also has me thinking about why the good guys often lose in court, especially when representing themselves. In this episode, we’ll discuss commonly overlooked aspects of cases, and key tips on how to win them.

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Freedom Fighting with 1st Amendment YouTube sensation Acura Amanda! S2E10

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The freedom fight can feel daunting at times, so we all need a little encouragement now and then. Join us this Tuesday at Noon EST on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIN to find out about an amazing freedom fighter, 1st Amendment auditor, and YouTube sensation, who’s just a regular person fighting for her children’s futures! Hearing what she’s accomplished and how she sticks with it will certainly encourage you as you fight for freedom in your own life.

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Time limits & documents needed for Ordinance Enforcement Appeals S2E9

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You lost your ordinance enforcement hearing, so now what? How long do you have to appeal? What are the necessary steps? With your fundamental property rights at stake, and short timelines involved, find out the basics now before it’s too late! Not personally experiencing these issues? Get the info anyway because you or someone you know will need it sooner than you think!

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Real Life Example of Fighting Unconstitutional Ordinance Enforcement S2E8

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Municipalities can regulate their residents as they see fit, right? Wrong! You are guaranteed to win if you have the law on your side, right? Wrong! Discussing municipal violation hearing logistics, watching hearing footage, checking out legal documents, AND understanding IF and HOW you can appeal. With special Freedom Fighting guests, this is an informative episode you don’t want to miss!

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