Restore Freedom with Katherine Henry

Nonsense of our laws, and key tips on how to win court cases! S2E11

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As I prepare for my 2nd appeal as a FL resident, I become more frustrated with how our laws are contradictory, too many in number, too complex, and are cherry picked by government officials for which ones they follow. It also has me thinking about why the good guys often lose in court, especially when representing themselves. In this episode, we’ll discuss commonly overlooked aspects of cases, and key tips on how to win them.

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Freedom Fighting with 1st Amendment YouTube sensation Acura Amanda! S2E10

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The freedom fight can feel daunting at times, so we all need a little encouragement now and then. Join us this Tuesday at Noon EST on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIN to find out about an amazing freedom fighter, 1st Amendment auditor, and YouTube sensation, who’s just a regular person fighting for her children’s futures! Hearing what she’s accomplished and how she sticks with it will certainly encourage you as you fight for freedom in your own life.

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Time limits & documents needed for Ordinance Enforcement Appeals S2E9

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You lost your ordinance enforcement hearing, so now what? How long do you have to appeal? What are the necessary steps? With your fundamental property rights at stake, and short timelines involved, find out the basics now before it’s too late! Not personally experiencing these issues? Get the info anyway because you or someone you know will need it sooner than you think!

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Real Life Example of Fighting Unconstitutional Ordinance Enforcement S2E8

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Municipalities can regulate their residents as they see fit, right? Wrong! You are guaranteed to win if you have the law on your side, right? Wrong! Discussing municipal violation hearing logistics, watching hearing footage, checking out legal documents, AND understanding IF and HOW you can appeal. With special Freedom Fighting guests, this is an informative episode you don’t want to miss!

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How to Adequately Represent Yourself in Municipal Ordinance Violation Hearings S2E7

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How to Adequately Represent Yourself in Municipal Ordinance Violation Hearings! Is your municipality bullying you with unconstitutional regulation? Don’t have thousands of dollars to hire an attorney to fight back against unconstitutional municipal regulations? Learn how to fight back adequately on your own!

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Lessons Learned on Speaking at Legislative Committee Meetings S2E6

Lessons Learned on Speaking at Legislative Committee Meetings – The Top 10 Logistical Issues you likely don’t know about speaking at state legislative committee meetings. Sharing our experiences so YOU can effectively advocate for your #3for2023 Freedom Fighting Issues and #InstructYourRepresentatives in Florida and other states!  Watch this video at

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Legislative Hearing on HB543 “Constitutional Carry” S2E5 (increased volume)

Instead of coming live to you at noon EST on Tuesday for Restore Freedom Weekly, we livestreamed from the Florida legislature’s committee hearing on HB 543, the supposed “Constitutional Carry” bill. See an example of how State Legislative committee hearings work, hear from regular Americans as they share their thoughts on this bill, and learn exactly what true constitutional carry legislation must look like. Want to speak at a legislative hearing? Sign up to speak at a FL legislative committee hearing at

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Legislative Compromises for More Gov’t Power Constitutional? S2E4

We’ll continue discussing the constitutionality of legislative compromises. Last week, we started with matters concerning our God-given liberties. This week: legislative compromises concerning government power – even in times of emergency. When there’s an unknown threat, should the government be given additional powers to address the emergency?

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