📣 Throwback to May 18, 2020: Katherine’s powerful speech at the American Patriot Council Rally in Grand Rapids, MI, addressing government overreach in Michigan. 📜 She delves into the constitution, the law, and executive orders, scrutinizing Whitmer’s use of the 1945 & 1976 Acts to justify shutting down the state.

🤔 Questions to ponder:
– Can the government infringe on our rights during emergencies?
– Are the constitution and state statutes just opinions?
– Is the law on our side?
– What does Romans 13 teach us about the role of government and its implications for our country?

You can find the words for her speech here: https://ift.tt/qULewZl
Watch this video at https://youtu.be/uXifbzBdkjw.